Healthcare Case Studies
Why use case studies in healthcare sales and marketing?

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Why use case studies in healthcare sales and marketing?

   If your company markets its products or services to the healthcare industry, you know that case studies are critical tools for sales and marketing success.

   Indeed, it’s not hard to see why your company should use case studies (also called customer success stories) in its print and online marketing efforts.

   Prospects for your healthcare services will want to see how your solution helped someone else in the healthcare industry. Case studies show prospects how a similar organization, with similar challenges, used your products or services to solve their problems.

   In addition, research shows that over 70% of customers base their buying decisions on trust and credibility. And case studies are the best way to create confidence in your company. By showing prospects that your existing customers have had positive experiences with your company—so positive, in fact, that they’ve taken the time to tell others—you gain their trust and, thereafter, their business.

   Amid the fierce competition and rapidly changing demands of the healthcare industry, case studies help to:

  • Generate leads

  • Close sales

  • Establish trust

  • Maintain your visibility among prospects

  • Keep your products and services relevant to evolving healthcare needs

  • Attract partners and investors

Your company will find case studies to be especially useful if:

  • Your market or healthcare niche is highly competitive

  • Your success is dependent on being distinct

  • Your products or services have a high price tag, and customers need extra information and benefits details on which to base their buying decisions.
  •    In addition, the healthcare industry is extremely specialized. That means your b2b case studies will need to be too.

       For example, if a hospital needs to upgrade its networking system for increased confidentiality, decision-makers will want to hear about how your solution addresses confidentiality specifically. If your sales reps can pull out a case study that focuses solely on confidentiality solutions, customers can be sure your product addresses their needs.

       If your company offers multiple products or services, you’ll need a customer success story for each product you’re actively marketing. Introduce new products and services, or a novel use for existing ones. Spotlight a specific feature or add-on product. Feature a well-known company and their successful experience to boost your marketplace credibility.

       If your products have specific features, you may also want to use cases that highlight the special benefits of those features or add-on products. Otherwise, the specific benefits your customers are looking for may be lost.

       No matter the focus, effective case studies show prospects that your company cares about its customers and their success. And it shows that your customers have seen a significant return on investment, and are willing to take the time to tell others what an asset you are.

       With the heavy competition and evolving technologies in the healthcare industry, case studies are crucial for your company’s continued success.

       Hired Gun's Case Study Services: The professional business writers at Hired Gun Writing specialize in developing case studies for companies that target the healthcare industry. With experience in journalism, health and the sciences, we are uniquely qualified to craft powerful case studies that speak directly to your target audience and call them to action.

       With internet marketing experts as part of the Hired Gun team, we also offer innovative Web optimized case studies. Optimized case studies contain the keywords and phrases your customers are searching for and maximize your online sales and marketing efforts.

       We serve: pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, manufacturers of medical equipment, providers of data and information technology, and others.

       Contact us for more information on how Hired Gun's case study experts can create a custom case study for your company to bring you professional results.

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