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The Hired Gun Process: Hiring us to write your healthcare case studies.

We know that hiring a writer can be a confusing experience, especially if you’ve never done it before. That’s why, at Hired Gun, we work hard to make sure that working with us is easy.

We devote our full personal attention to every client—but we’re never needy or high-maintenance. Our experience and professionalism means we grasp your needs quickly, and deliver precisely what we promise—on budget and on time. And your company gets a single point person—Hired Gun founder Becky Antworth—to contact concerning every aspect of your project.

Hired Gun's approach to case studies:

Background research.

   What are your marketing needs? What products, services or ideas are important to feature? What’s the goal of your case study?

   First, we learn every relevant detail about your company, its products or services and your target audience. We interview executives, sales reps and other key employees. We work with you to identify your target audience, and which customers will be best to profile for your case studies.

   Tip. To find your most appropriate satisfied customer: Interview potential candidates to see if their story meets your needs. Keep in mind that the individual you choose to profile should occupy a similar position to those you want to target. Make sure they can supply the key information you want to communicate. Explain the process to the customer, and secure their permission. Have them sign a legal release form, if necessary.

   We then create custom questions to bring out powerful testimonials and effecting details, such as their specific return on investment, and how your company was the best to meet their needs.

   We discuss whether you’ll need a Web optimized case study, a traditional case study or both. If you need an optimized study we use industry keyword research and search habit tools to determine your relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

Customer interview.

   Once you find an appropriate customer and secure their permission, we’ll contact them to schedule an interview. You should inform them of the name of the person who’ll be calling to schedule a time, and how long the interview will take.

   We provide you and your customer with an advanced copy of our interview questions.

   We then interview your customer in person, over the phone, or via live video conference. You or a representative from your company may participate in the interview process, if desired.

You and your customer offer feedback.

   After we craft your custom case study, we send the first draft to the point person at your company.

   You offer your input and return the draft to us, and we perform any necessary edits. If we are involved in the design/layout process, you get the comps for review until you are satisfied.

   We send the case study draft to your customer for their approval and feedback.

We deliver your complete, polished case study to you—on time and on budget.

Contact us to learn how Hired Gun's case study experts can help you turn your satisfied customers into your biggest advocates.

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