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"Hired Gun’s staff are just such a pleasure to work with. Becky is attentive and professional—but also genuinely caring and creative. She does exactly what she says she’s going to do. That shouldn’t be a rare quality, but it is these days. And she’s got it." Lynn Garner, The Breast Cancer Survivor’s Network

Fundraising, Marketing and PR Services

How Hired Gun can help your nonprofit raise support and expand its reach.

At Hired Gun Writing, we use the power of the written word to reach a large audience and raise awareness and support for your organization.

We create custom, targeted fundraising and marketing campaigns at a low cost, so you see a substantial return on your investment. We help you connect with your audience, inform and engage them, and inspire them to join in your mission.

Our campaigns are always powerfully-written to speak straight to your readers, and include clear calls to action to generate more support.

Fundraising Campaigns and Marketing Services.

  • Direct Mail/ Direct Email Campaigns. Give your readers something they haven't read before. Our innovative direct mail and direct e-mail campaigns get proven results for a price everyone can afford.

  • Brochures. Effective brochures need effective writing. We clearly state your goals, engage the reader with a smooth, persuasive style, and make it easy for them to get involved. You see more donations and continued support.

  • Full-length Feature Articles. Reach a mass audience with a high-quality, magazine-like article about your organization and its goals. Our feature articles on our clients have been published in newspapers, magazines and online sources. A single article can generate new donations for a year or more.

  • Success Stories. Communicate your mission through the eyes of those you've already helped. Our success stories are always engaging and inspiring—never sappy, guilt-inducing or generic pleas for money. We bring your mission to life and inspire others to join in.

  • Newsletters/ E-Newsletters. We keep your current supporters active and reach out to new supporters with great stories, news and information they'll want to share, and articles that inspire action -- today!

  • Web Site Content and Development. We write fresh, informative, engaging content for your Web site. We use search-engine-optimization to get more traffic to your site. And we use original, persuasive writing to educate readers, keep them on your site, and turn visitors into supporters.

(For more on the different types of fundraising campaigns and marketing materials, and how to use each of them to raise more support for your group, read our articles on Fundraising Campaigns for Nonprofits and Online Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits.)

Our Fees.

We know nonprofits must keep their costs at a minimum. But we also know that a little spent on marketing can bring in a lot of support. That's why our fees are affordable enough for the smallest of organizations, while our services are designed to bring a significant return on your investment.

Due to the variance in the scope of most projects, the best way to get an accurate quote is to talk to us about your project and request a free, no-obligation estimate.

We typically work with our clients to meet their needs within their budgets.

General rates are as follows: Complete direct mail package: $500; Direct mail letter: $300; Fundraising letter: $300; Brochure: $350; Feature articles, print media: $1.00 per word; Newsletter: $200 per page; Web site content and development: $1,000-$3,500.

Hired Gun Writing. Helping Nonprofits Achieve Their Goals.

"Hired Gun’s feature article landed us a key publication. Afterward, we saw our level of new support rise significantly. It will be an invaluable tool for our fundraising and outreach efforts for a long time." Carl Adcock, Director, The Isaiah House

Stop paying for services you don't need. Get great content and watch your donations take off.

Contact us today to learn how Hired Gun's professional writers can help your nonprofit forge lasting relationships with donors and inspire greater support for your mission.

Need help getting grant funding? Learn more about our complete, effective Grant Writing Services.

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