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"Hired Gun’s writers aren’t just ghostwriters. They actually create successful authors." Joshua Jarmell, Ghostwriting Client

"Hired Gun’s ghostwriting is the best I’ve seen. They are professional and attentive—and really great at what they do." Ross Berg, Ghostwriting Client

Still Trying to Find the Time to Write That Book?

          You have a great idea for a book or other work. You have the subject, the plot and the tone. You know exactly how you want it to turn out, and what you want to get out of it. Except you just can’t seem to get your ideas down on paper.

          Many people with great ideas and the potential to be successful authors need a little help with the actual writing process. Maybe you’re a busy professional who can’t seem to find enough quiet hours. Maybe you’re an idea person who’d rather let someone else worry about grammar. Or maybe you just need the benefit of writing experience to help you get your words right.

          So if you’re still waiting to find the time to fulfill your dream—maybe it’s time you realized that time might never come. Maybe it's time you found the right writer instead.

Should I hire a professional ghostwriter?

          No one can answer that question but you. But there are some things to consider while making your decision.

          If you're wondering whether hiring a ghostwriter is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have the time to research, write and edit my work in the timeframe I want?

  2. Do I have the skill necessary to create a well-organized, easy-to-read work?

  3. Would my ideas and my voice be improved with the help of a professional writer?

  4. Would the help of an experienced ghostwriter increase my chances of success?

  5. If I haven't finished my project by now, will I ever finish it without some help?

But won’t my voice and my style get lost if I use a ghostwriter?

          No. Not as long as you use a good one. A ghostwriter who’s worthy of the title doesn’t write for you. They write as you—the way you would do it if you had time.

          Professional ghostwriters take the time to learn how you want your work to turn out—and then write it exactly how you want it. Your voice, your values and your vision shine through.

          Don’t let what you have to say get lost in how you’re saying it.

          If you have something to say but lack the resources to effectively put your words into print—and if your message is important—give it a competitive edge. Hire an experienced ghostwriter, and watch your words come to life.

Hired Gun Writing. Not your typical "ghostwriter."

          At Hired Gun Writing, we specialize in ghostwriting for a broad variety of fiction and nonfiction works. Hired Gun is more professional than today’s standard "freelance ghostwriter," and more personal than what you’ll find at large ghostwriting agencies. (These are usually staffed with dozens of aspiring authors more concerned with waiting for their big break than your project).

          Hired Gun’s founder is an award-winning writer and award-winning columnist whose byline has appeared in many publications. That means that—unlike other ghostwriters—we actually stay in the shadows when writing for someone else. We get your message to the world and make it resonate—not for you, but as you.

          Hired Gun provides full-service, high-quality ghostwriting for a broad spectrum of projects and clients—from highly-successful CEOs to stay-at-home moms. Our clients include new authors, executives, politicians, physicians, associations, and organizations.

          You give us the subject matter and the information you want included. We conduct interviews and additional background research if necessary. Then we write and edit your project to your satisfaction.

          Can you afford to keep putting your dream on hold?

          Our services are top-notch and our fees are extremely affordable. Contact us today and learn how the experienced, professional ghostwriters at Hired Gun help turn your ideas into a powerful, successful finished product.

Why Hire Hired Gun Writing?

          Easy. We offer the best ghostwriting services for the best price.

          Hired Gun's special ghostwriting skills and services:

  • An award-winning writer exclusively devoted to your project.

  • Exceptional interviewing skills to capture your unique voice—your objectives, your experiences, and your way of expressing yourself—so your project is uniquely yours.

  • Versatile writing ability.

  • A smooth, engaging writing style that keeps your readers turning the pages.

  • A light, humorous, witty touch when desired.

  • Experience with a broad range of projects.

  • Extensive research and journalism experience.

  • A professional, compelling story with your name as the author—faster and cleaner than you could do it yourself.

  • A hassle-free experience. We deliver what we promise, when we promise it. End of story.

Ghostwriting areas of specialty.

  • Health, science and medicine (including medical texts)
  • Educational materials
  • Memoirs
  • Fiction
  • Political writing—Including books, op-ed pieces, and Web site and newsletter content
  • E-books

          You have a vision. We can help make it a reality.

          Contact us today for more information on our professional ghostwriting services, and see how quickly Hired Gun can create your next quality work. Request a free estimate and get a 10% discount for new clients.

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