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"We never would have gotten our NGO off the ground like this without Becky at Hired Gun. Her expertise has made all the difference for us." Sylvia Gray, Hearts Abroad

"Like many nonprofits, we were unsure about paying for a professional grant writer. But after talking to Hired Gun we took the chance—and we’re so glad we did. They were so conscientious and considerate of our budget limits. They really took the time to get to know our organization and our needs, and brought a level of expertise that was well worth the cost. We’d hire Hired Gun again in a heartbeat." Judy Emil, Chair of the Board, Kids Ferst Foundation

Hired Gun Writing. Helping Nonprofits Win Grants.

Professional Grant Writing Services—Hiring a Grant Writer

          Grants. You can't do your work without them. But researching, writing and submitting grant proposals is confusing, time-consuming and frustrating work.

          Worse, all that effort too often goes unrewarded.

          What's why, at Hired Gun Writing, we specialize in offering complete, cost-effective support for nonprofits throughout the grantseeking process. Our clients come to us for one reason. They need winning grants, and we create winning proposals.

Complete Grant Support, Years of Grant Writing Experience.

           Grant writing is about more than just writing. It's about complete proposal development.

           At Hired Gun, we help nonprofits develop sound goals and objectives that impress reviewers and exceed their expectations. Then, we don’t just write good grants. We write grants that strategically position your group with grantmakers, show them your initiatives are in line with theirs, and convince them your group is the best one to carry out the work.

           We write clear, concise, comprehensive grant proposals. We make your group stand out with an engaging, persuasive style that captures the reviewer's attention and makes them want to see you succeed.

           Hired Gun's founder is an award-winning writer and a professional grant writer with years of experience writing for a variety of groups and granting agencies. We make it our business to know what grantors want, and how to give it to them in concise, engaging, effective grants.

          You get affordable, professional grant writing services—and the success that comes from submitting strong, persuasive proposals—on time and on budget.

          When you have the Hired Guns on your side, you'll feel confident and excited about applying for grant funding.

Hired Gun's Grant Writing Services

We can prepare any grant your organization requires, and happily serve nonprofits of all sizes.

Depending on your needs, we offer the following services:

  1. Custom Grant Source Research. Finding funding sources can be a grueling process. Using an extensive database, Hired Gun will identify potential grant funding opportunities for your organization or project, including federal, state and local government grant sources and foundation/corporate giving sources. We will provide you with a list of the top matches and draft Letters of Inquiry if desired.

  2. Grant Writing. We develop, write and submit complete grant proposals for government grants, private foundations and corporate giving. You provide the Request for Proposal and relevant background information and we handle the rest, efficiently and professionally.

  3. Grant Editing. If you already have a grant proposal and want a professional analysis before submitting, we will review and critique it for clarity, organization, completeness, style and grammar. We’ll make sure it matches the goals of the grantmaker, and check that all elements are present and clear. We’ll then provide you with a section-by-section analysis of your proposal, with suggestions to target any weaknesses.

We are knowledgeable, our services are the highest quality, and our fees are the most affordable you'll find.

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           If you're unsure which services will be best for your nonprofit, or want to speak to Hired Gun's founder directly about your needs, please call us at 1-800-818-0569. We've helped many organizations find and secure grant funding, and we're always available to offer assistance to nonprofits, whether or not you use our services.

Your next big grant is waiting for you...  Don't let the opportunity pass you by.

          Take the first step toward getting the grant funding you need. Request an estimate, or contact us for a conversation that will open up new funding opportunities for your organization.

          Let Hired Gun position your organization for success by making the next grant you submit one that's strong, compelling, and rewarded.

You can read more about how Hired Gun can help you submit strong, winning grants, and about hiring us as your grant writer, by continuing to Grant Writing Services on our Web site.


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