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Full-Service Grant Writing for Long-Range Results

Hired Gun Writing provides comprehensive grant writing, grant source research, and grant management services for nonprofit organizations and public agencies throughout the U.S.

Our certified grant professionals have won millions of dollars in funded grants for hundreds of clients across the country.

Hired Gun Writing differs from other grant writers in that we offer full-service grant management to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. Effective source research and proposal writing gets you the grant funding you need today. Further, we establish a cohesive, consistent grant-seeking program to bring in grants this year, and 5 years from now.

Our approach wins the grant -- and generates long-term support for your organization.

We believe that all nonprofits should have access to effective grant writing. We therefore specialize in serving small- to medium-sized organizations, and offer cost-conscious services to put you on an even playing field for available grant funds.

Our work is never outsourced. All grant assignments are completed in full by Hired Gun Writing's grant professionals.

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Grant Services

We specialize in writing government and foundation/corporate grants, and are uniquely qualified to write proposals for health, medical and science-based projects. Depending on your needs, we offer the following services:

  1. Prospect Research. Finding funding can be a grueling process, but we can save you time and frustration. We conduct exhaustive grant source searches to identify your top funding prospects for government, foundation and corporate grants. Prospect research can be customized as needed. We will provide a complete prospect review, including the grant source, funding amounts, deadlines and other pertinent information, and offer recommendations to your key staff.

  2. On-going Grant Tracking. We will provide on-going prospect research and grant management services to help you consistently monitor for funding opportunities and keep track of your prospects, deadlines, grant submissions, announcements and more. We will generate an electronic spreadsheet database for your organization and provide your team with regular updates, or your in-house staff may assume the maintenance of your database.

  3. Letters of Inquiry. Letters of Inquiry are customized to target grantmakers as a result of prospect research or upon request.

  4. Project and Program Development. A good grant starts with a strong project. Hired Gun's grant professionals work with your key staff to help define your goals and develop targeted projects and programs to meet and exceed grantors' objectives.

  5. Grant Preparation. We write and submit complete proposals for government, foundation and corporate grants. We use compelling narratives and powerful facts and figures to capture the reviewer's attention, and create confidence and excitement in your group and your project. You provide us with the Request for Proposal and relevant background information—and we take it from there, coordinating the process efficiently and professionally. We provide a grant outline, a task list and timetable of key completion dates, and strategize with your team to ensure the best possible product.

  6. Corporate Sponsorship Packages. Corporations and for-profit companies provide millions to nonprofits through event sponsorships, in-kind donations, volunteer time, and cash gifts. We identify appropriate corporations and create custom sponsorship proposals to secure public-sector support for your organization.

  7. Consultation and Evaluation. If you already have a grant proposal and want a professional evaluation before submitting it, we will review and critique your proposal for clarity, organization, completeness, style and grammar. We’ll make sure it matches the grantmaker's goals, and check that all elements are present and clear. We’ll then provide you with a section-by-section analysis of your proposal, with suggestions to target any weaknesses.

  8. Grant Support. If your in-house staff are overwhelmed with multiple submissions or tight deadlines, we can provide additional support on an hourly basis to make sure you reach your goals.

About our client selection process:

At Hired Gun Writing, we take our work very seriously: Our success is our clients' success. That means we only partner with an organization if we are confident we can bring them success. The truth is that some nonprofits are not in a position to be eligible for grants, regardless of how long they've been in existence. (The main problems are a lack of fiscal transparency, and a lack of internal focus.)

To see if your organization is a good candidate for grant funding, and a good match for Hired Gun Writing, contact us to schedule a consultation.


Note: At Hired Gun we do not work on contingency or for commission.


  • Prospect Research and Editing/Consulting Services: $60/hour. You may set a "not to exceed" amount.

  • Grant Preparation and Other Services: We provide up-front quotes based on an hourly rate of $80/hour. Due to the variance in the complexity of grant applications, the best way to get an accurate quote for your project is to request a free, no-obligation estimate. We provide up-front time and cost estimates, and deliver detailed timesheets with completed hours and activities. We request 1/2 payment initially, and 1/2 at project completion.

Retainer Agreements

If it's impractical for your organization to employ a full-time grant writer with the skill and experience necessary to win critical funding, hiring Hired Gun as your grant development team is an effective, cost-saving approach. Through retainer arrangements, Hired Gun becomes your virtual grants office, constantly on call to meet your needs. We will customize our services around your organization, providing complete and effective grant management for a fraction of the cost of full-time staff.

Services include focused project and program development, on-going prospect research and grant tracking, funding recommendations and planning with your staff, and writing and submitting all the grant proposals your organization wants to pursue. Hired Gun's grant professionals are experienced at providing complete, consistent and effective grant management support, giving you all the benefits of a robust development department without the additional employee costs.

Retainer fees are based on work load estimates, and generally start around $2,000 per month. We provide detailed timesheets with completed hours and activities on a monthly basis.

Hiring us as your grant writer: How it works.

  1. You contact us for a free consultation and/or estimate.
  2. We review the Request for Proposal and provide you with an exact quote.
  3. Once we decide we're right for each other, we send you a contract outlining the exact work we'll be doing, the total cost and the agreed upon deadline. You may also make changes to the contract.
  4. You sign the contract and send a deposit.
  5. We consult with key members of your organization about project details and your goals and objectives.
  6. You send us any relevant background information.
  7. We request any additional documents we need to complete your package.
  8. We send you a first draft, and you give us your feedback.
  9. We send you a second draft, along with all required supplementary materials.
  10. You send us your comments on the second draft and other documents.
  11. We send you the final version of your proposal and receive your final approval.
  12. If you are submitting your proposal directly, we send you the complete package and you send us the final payment.
  13. If we are submitting your package, we send you a complete duplicate copy and submission confirmation, and you send us the final payment.
  14. You enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your grant proposal is complete, well-written, and done on time and on budget.

Getting grant funding isn't easy. But when you call in the Hired Guns, we more efficiently and effectively to get you the grant support you need.

Take the first step toward securing your future. Call or contact us to learn more about how we can help you submit powerful, winning grant proposals.

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