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What is a case study?
Why use case studies in healthcare sales and marketing?
Using Case Studies in B2B Marketing
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Why choose Hired Gun to write your case studies?
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Case Studies.

Use your past success to ensure your future success!

Let your satisfied customers be your biggest advocates. Have them share their positive experiences with your potential customers—and create confidence, credibility, and sales.

Case study marketing.

Prospects don’t want to hear about your products and services only from you. They want to hear about them from someone who’s used them.

Research shows people place a higher value on information from others who are like them. In b2b marketing, that means your prospects want to hear from other decision-makers in their industry with their same challenges—not just your sales and marketing team.

And case studies are the best way to let your future customers know how much your current customers enjoy doing business with you.

  • Generate leads
  • Close sales
  • Build your company’s credibility
  • Help sales reps effectively do their job

Why Hired Gun Writing?

We know healthcare. We know your industry, your audience and our competition. Our professional business writers specialize in writing case studies for companies that target healthcare markets.

We know Internet marketing. Your customers are searching for products and services online. Can they find yours? Our SEO experts and professional writers craft highly readable Web optimized case studies to bring customers to you—and close the sale.

Only our unique Web optimized case studies also:
  • Attract target traffic
  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Give your company a competitive online marketing advantage

We tell a great story. We use powerful customer testimonials, specific results details and your unique benefits, and weave them into a compelling narrative. Our case studies build credibility and sales—and give a maximum return on your investment. Just show us a satisfied customer, and we’ll craft powerful healthcare case studies for use throughout your b2b sales and marketing efforts.

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     experts can help you get leads and close sales.

    See samples of our healthcare case studies.

    Read the articles below for information on how to write a
    case study, and how to use case studies in your b2b sales
    and marketing campaigns.


           What is a case study? The essential b2b marketing tool defined.
           Why use case studies in healthcare sales and marketing? The benefits of using case studies in b2b sales and marketing.
           How to use case studies in your healthcare b2b marketing materials. Companies can use case studies for the healthcare industry in a variety of ways in print and online communications.
           Search engine optimized case studies. Making the most of your online sales and marketing efforts with Web optimized case studies.
           Why choose Hired Gun to write your healthcare case studies? The benefits, skills, and services Hired Gun’s case study professionals add to your business marketing efforts.
           The Hired Gun process—Hiring us to create your healthcare case studies. At Hired Gun, our business writers and SEO experts work with you—not for you. We make the experience straightforward and hassle-free. Just ask our satisfied customers.

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