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Should white papers be part of your marketing efforts?

If you’re serious about being an industry leader—absolutely.

White paper marketing.

White papers are one of the most important tools for successful b2b marketing. They don’t just advertise your products or services. White papers showcase your expertise, and tell your customers why they’ll find working with you to be enriching and rewarding. White papers establish your company as the knowledge leader in your industry—highlighting your value and cementing your marketplace authority.

Proven white paper writing.

Hired Gun Writing’s white papers are precise, effective, informative and easy to read. Give us the topic and our expert white paper writers handle the rest.

  • We educate your audience using well-researched facts, historical data, and revealing charts and figures.
  • We recount tough industry problems and explain why your solution is the one your audience has been searching for.
  • We intelligently position your products or services at the cutting edge of industry practice, using white paper copywriting techniques that capture and engage your audience, so your white papers are widely read and read in full.
  • We write compelling, persuasive copy with clear calls to action.

Healthcare white papers.

We specialize in writing white papers for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our white paper writers draw on their business writing experience in these areas to effectively position your company as a valuable asset to the healthcare industry—not just another front for sales. A healthcare focus means our healthcare white papers are informed, focused and proven as effective marketing aids.

Web optimized white papers.

Your customers are searching for solutions online. Can they find yours? Hired Gun’s SEO experts work with our white paper writers to create innovative Web optimized white papers for the healthcare industry. Optimized white papers are just as thorough, readable and effecting, but are strategically written for use in your online marketing efforts. Post them online, and they don’t just sit there like traditional white papers. They increase your search engine rankings, attract your target traffic, and grow your Web presence and your business.

Get ahead of the competition with Web optimized b2b marketing materials, for the same cost as standard.

          Contact us to have Hired Gun's healthcare experts write a white paper that will open new doors for your business and bring you results.

           See samples of our custom white papers, or email us for additional samples or more information on Hired Gun’s custom white paper writing services.

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           What is a white paper? What is white paper copywriting? Provides some details on the information included in a white paper, as well as some of the marketing objectives of white papers.
           How to write a white paper. Tips on how to write a white paper, as well some common mistakes of white paper writing.
           Using white papers for b2b marketing. How and where companies can use white papers in their b2b marketing efforts.
           White papers for the healthcare industry. While white papers have long been used as effective marketing tools in the technology industry—the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries are starting to take advantage of white papers with great results.
           Search engine optimized white papers. How customized Web white papers generate leads and establish credibility—while driving traffic to your site and boosting your Web presence.

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