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Hiring a Web copywriter to create your online content.

     A Web site rich in compelling SEO copy is critical for improving your search engine rankings, attracting target traffic and ensuring your visitors take what you want them to from your site. The experts agree: Only well-written articles can accomplish organic search engine optimization and please your visitors.

      But writing all this quality Web content can be time-consuming, and requires special knowledge of SEO copywriting. Therefore, if you lack the time, tools, or inclination to do your own online copywriting, you might consider hiring a Web copywriter to create your online content.

     Finding the right Web writer can save you time, money and stress—and drastically improve the effectiveness of your site.

     An experienced Web site content writer knows how to satisfy both search engines and visitors. Professional Web copywriters create quality Web copy with the proper mix of relevant keywords, keyword phrases and expert lingo. The good Web writers use industry keyword research and optimization tools.

     Equally important, professional copywriters craft online content that is compelling and informative, for articles that are reader-friendly and flow in a smooth, natural manner.

Hired Gun's experts create Web content that gets results.

     At Hired Gun Writing, we do not write filler content. (There are plenty of other content writers for that.) We write real, original articles that bridge the gap between what readers want and search engines need. Unlike some online copywriting services, the Hired Gun team includes professional SEO experts and Web copywriters, who work together to create unique, content-rich Web pages. This means one-stop-shopping and top-quality service for our clients that we feel certain you won’t find anywhere else.

     Our SEO copy will help improve your rankings on search engine results pages and drive target traffic to your site. Once there, your audience will be kept engaged by the compelling and reader-friendly content.

Hired Gun’s complete Web copywriting services.

  • We work with you to identify your site’s theme and sub-themes, if you haven’t already.

  • We identify your target audience and your site’s objectives.

  • We help you structure or re-structure and compartmentalize your site based on your sub-themes, using top industry tools. Proper structuring prevents theme bleeding, which confuses search engines and hurts your rankings. Theme bleeding also weakens the overall effectiveness of your site.

  • Then we use industry keyword research tools to identify the relevant keywords and keyword phrases Web users are searching for, and which ones your site should focus on for optimization. (These programs, like WordTracker or NicheBot, are available to the public. The cost is upwards of $1,000. Developers say to count on about 20 hours to master them.)

  • We write original, optimized online content that draws in traffic and keeps them engaged.

  • We regularly update your pages and add new content so you stay competitive.

     Hired Gun provides Web writing services for a wide variety of sites. Clients include professionals—like doctors, lawyers, and business owners—who want to improve their online presence and grow their clientele; nonprofit organizations and associations; corporations; and individuals who just want informative, visible sites.

     We also have special knowledge of health and medicine. We make these complicated topics easy to understand so visitors find your site and keep coming back.

     Our rates are extremely affordable.

     Contact us to learn how quickly Hired Gun's professionals can help you start getting professional results from your Web site.

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