Hiring a ghostwriter to write your ebook

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Hiring a ghostwriter to write your ebook.

Don’t let what you have to say get lost in how you’re saying it.

Hire a ghostwriter to write your ebook and get a high-quality product in less time, so you start making a profit sooner.

          Okay, so you’re surfing the Web for information on how to train your new puppy, and you come across an ebook written by a famous dog trainer who has the answers to all your questions. He’s even been on Oprah, so you know he knows what he’s talking about.

          And you need help now. No time to wait for an Amazon delivery or drive to the store because your puppy has already soiled your last couch cushion, and is heading for the closet.

          You order the famous trainer’s ebook for a nominal price, sit back, start reading--and it’s horrible! Completely unreadable! Rambling, incoherent, unorganized, and boring to boot. The puppy whisperer might be a terrific trainer, but he’s a terrible writer. You get your money back and move on.

          This happens all the time. People who have valuable information to share—knowledge that readers are more than willing to pay for—aren’t always very good at putting that information into a readable form. Many, many ebooks are very poorly written—from structure, to grammar, to style and general content. These generally don’t stick around the Internet very long or make much profit. In fact, bad ebooks can actually end up costing an author money.

          Not too surprisingly, readers expect ebooks to be as well-written and informative as any in the bookstore. If they’re unsatisfied with the quality, they will demand a refund—creating hassle and costing you profits.

          Hiring a professional ghostwriter to write your ebook can be a profitable solution. An experienced ebook ghostwriter will ensure that both the information and the way it’s written are reader-friendly and will bring you success.

          A good ebook ghostwriter doesn’t write your ebook for you. They write it as you—the way you would if you had the time or the training. In fact, find the right writer and your voice and your style will shine through even better than if you’d written it yourself, and readers won’t be distracted by improper grammar and a confusing layout.

How Hired Gun can ghostwrite your ebook for greater success.

           Professional ebook ghostwriters create successful authors.

          At Hired Gun, our professional ebook ghostwriters help you use your words to create your success. Our award-winning writers offer ghostwriting services for ebook authors who want high-quality results at an affordable rate. We are experienced, professional and the devote personal attention often lacking at large ghostwriting agencies.

          Our ebooks are original, informative, engaging and easy-to-read. We make sure your finished ebook offers readers a unique, valued product, while being entertaining and humorous, when desired. You see better sales, fewer returns, good ebook reviews, and willing affiliate marketers. (Remember: The good ones with reputable Web sites don’t want to be associated with a poor-quality ebook).

          Our rates are extremely reasonable and our turnaround times are fast.

          Though we cannot reveal the identities of our past clients—a courtesy we will extend to you—we’ve ghostwritten successful ebooks on everything from exercise and acne to mutual funds and the forex markets.

          We assemble your background research and important facts and write engaging, informative, clear copy that your readers will find compelling. And there’s nothing better than an established readership for your second ebook.

          When you hire Hired Gun to ghostwrite your ebook, we’ll help make you not just an author—but a successful author.

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