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Hiring a professional grant writer.

     If you’re considering hiring a professional grant writer to meet your grant writing needs, you’re not alone. Grant writing can be one of the most frustrating, confusing and seemingly endless activities involved in running an organization. In addition to consuming great quantities of time, grant writing requires specialized, expertly-honed research and writing skills. Indeed, grant writing experience will almost always improve the odds your grant will be funded.

     Some organizations are fortunate enough to have an experienced grant writer as part of their in-house staff. However, many groups do not have members who feel they are qualified to write winning grant proposals. Alternatively, staff may simply lack the time, resources or inclination to spend weeks working on a grant. In this case, hiring a professional grant writer can make a lot of sense.

     In addition, out-of house grant writers work on a contractual basis. This means you only pay them for a limited time, according to the terms agreed upon by both parties. You thus avoid paying the salary and benefits costs associated with in-house staff, while remaining in control of the process, and getting the benefits of their expertise.

     In determining whether you need to hire a grant writer consider the following:

  • The cost of hiring a grant writer compared to how much you will gain if the grant is funded (or lose if it isn’t).
  • Whether you have sufficient grant writing talent on staff, and whether staff have the necessary time to devote to grant writing.
  • Your level of need for grant funding from a variety of sources.
     In addition, hiring the right grant writer for your organization is extremely important. Look for someone who’s well experienced, has fully-developed research, writing and interviewing skills, and who fits well with your organization. Interview several grant writers before you choose one, and get cost estimates upfront. Hiring the right grant writer will ensure your grants avoid the common grant writing mistakes, and give your organization a competitive edge in the grant funding game.

The benefits of hiring Hired Gun to prepare your next grant.

          Personal attention to capture your group’s unique voice and vision. We specialize in grant writing for nonprofits because we genuinely care about the work they do. Our professional grant writers are compassionate and engaged and take the time to get to know the details of your organization. Through interviews with key staff and volunteers, we learn what drives your members’ passion. We capture the spirit of your mission so that your voice and your vision shine through, and the reader knows it came from the heart. Whatever your vision, chances are it’s ours too.

          Fresh perspective. At Hired Gun, we approach your organization as if we’re learning about it for the first time. (Often, we are.) Since we’re outsiders, we can take the perspective of the person who’ll be reading your grant. And we will write your grant proposal accordingly. Your objectives will jump out as clear and focused. Your plan of action will be well thought-out, comprehensive and realistic.

          Clear, concise writing that will set you apart. You only have so much space to make your point. We write grants that capture the reader from the first paragraph, and then educate, inform and inspire support. Hired Gun’s grant writers help you to stand out in the crowd.

          Better understanding of what grant agencies are looking for. Different agencies are devoted to funding different areas of work. But all agencies look for a clear mission, a well-defined business plan, measurable objectives, realistic, step-by-step actions to meet those objectives, and sufficient resources except for the funding you’re seeking. At Hired Gun, we know how to write winning grant proposals. Our grant writing experience gives us insight into what grantors are looking for, and what they reward. Our grants for nonprofits are structured, strategic and inspiring.

          Statistical expertise. Even though you’re a nonprofit, when writing grants you must act like a for-profit business. At Hired Gun, we use linear and nonlinear statistics to analyze your data. We generate effective charts and graphs to visually demonstrate why your organization’s mission is important. We write data-driven, results-oriented grants for nonprofits that inspire confidence in your organization’s ability to meet its goals—a critical factor for sources of grant funding.

          Get the job done on time. You give us a deadline, and we deliver the complete, final version of your grant proposal by that date. It’s that simple.

          Submission, follow-up, and help with progress reports. Strong progress reports are critical if you hope to have your grant renewed. These should include quantitative analysis of the work your organization has done, when appropriate. At Hired Gun, our grant writing professionals provide help with submission, follow-up with grant agencies, progress reports and grant renewals. We help your group to maintain its funding with minimal hassle—so you can focus on fulfilling your goals.

          Return on investment. While we make no guarantees your grant will get funded, we certainly believe our grant writing expertise increases the chances that it will. Our rates are very affordable—and remember that with us, you don’t have in-house costs like salary and benefits. In addition, if your grant is funded, you’ll likely see a generous return on your investment. Grant writing is one of the most important things you will do for your nonprofit. We believe it’s worth it to do it right.

          At Hired Gun Writing, we’ve written grants for a variety of funding sources, including: The National Science Foundation, The National Institute of Health, The National Cancer Institute, Cape Canaveral Air Force Base, SigmaXi Research Foundation, The Dana Foundation, The Russell Sage Foundation, The American Psychological Association, The Wish You Well Foundation, The Neuroscience Institute and The Ferst Foundation.

          Contact us to learn more about how Hired Gun's experienced grant writers can help your organization get the grant funding it needs. Request a free estimate for your next grant to see how affordable professional help can be.

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