How to sell your ebook

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How to sell your ebook.

Once you’ve compiled it, you’ll need some effective ways to sell your ebook.

First there’s the question of how much to charge. This will vary from ebook to ebook, from as little as $10 to upwards of $50. Basically, how much to charge for your ebook depends on the quality of the information it contains.

After you determine how much to charge, there are plenty of online marketing opportunities to help you increase your sales.

If you don’t have an existing Web site that relates to your ebook topic, you’ll need to establish one. Make sure your site is e-commerce capable so customers can make online payments. This can be done either with a credit card system or with PayPal. Work with your Web master or Web hosting company so that once customers have paid, they can immediately download your ebook. Alternately, you can set up an automatic email service from your Web site, so that when a customer makes a purchase your ebook is automatically emailed to their account.

In addition to selling your ebook on your Web site, as long as it is well-written and informative you can:

  • Start soliciting reviews of your ebook and post them on your site and on other review sites (given the reviews are positive).
  • Offer a free email course or ebook teaser.
  • Submit articles that promote your ebook to related Web sites.
  • Send complimentary copies to prominent bloggers who write about related subject matter.
  • Develop an Internet affiliate marketing program to get others to participate in online marketing for your ebook.
  • Consider an Adwords or PPC campaign to market your ebook online.

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