How to write an ebook

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How to write an ebook.

         If you have information or knowledge to share, an ebook is one of the fastest ways you can get it to the public, and turn a profit in the process. First, however, you'll need to learn how to write an ebook—that is, how to write a successful ebook.

         An ebook is a book in electronic format that authors publish themselves and distribute over the Internet. Ebook authors therefore spare themselves the hassle of finding a publisher, as well as the costs associated with print self-publishing. Authors conveniently send buyers their ebook via email, or readers can download them from your Web site, or the site of an affiliate marketer who's selling your ebook.

         The length of an ebook will vary depending on the subject matter, but most are between 20 and 50 pages. You may include images, charts and graphs, links, and even videos in your ebook.

         The most common format for ebooks is PDF, but there are other formats. Several software programs are available to help compile ebooks, with various features and options, including security settings. If your ebook doesn't require any fancy plug-ins, a basic PDF program, like Adobe Acrobat, will be sufficient. You can set security settings in Adobe Acrobat if you want your ebook to be password protected.

The rising demand for quality ebooks.

         Today, the ebook industry is booming. In our modern, digital world, more and more people are being drawn to the immediacy of ebooks rather than going to a bookstore or waiting for orders to arrive in the mail. Other advancements, like the Kindle and similar handheld devices for electronic reading, are also propelling the popularity of ebooks.

         Ebooks can cover just about any subject matter: Health and fitness, gardening, pet care, online marketing, parenting, investing, and endless other topics.

         No matter what your ebook is about, it should be informative, properly organized, easy to read and engaging. Most ebooks come with a money-back guarantee of some sort to reassure readers that the book contains quality information before they purchase it. A guarantee will help you sell your ebook to readers who may be skeptical of the electronic book industry. (And to be sure, there are a lot of poor-quality ebooks out there.) Ebooks that fail to offer valuable information to the reader will have high return rates, and these authors will spend a lot of time giving out refunds to unsatisfied customers while watching their profit margins plummet.

         On the other hand, well-written, informative and entertaining ebooks will get good reviews, please your readers, have a low number of refunds, and sell more copies.

         If your writing skills are rusty, or if you want your ebook to really stand out among the competition, you might consider hiring a professional ghostwriter. A good ghostwriter writes in your voice—using your style—and can give your ebook a competitive advantage. Ghostwriters perform background research on your topic, organize your ebook to make it reader-friendly, ensure proper grammar and technique, and make sure your flair shines through for an engaging, high-quality book that Internet marketers will be proud to sell on their sites.

Questions to ask yourself before beginning your ebook:

  • Will people pay for this information?
  • Is the information easily available elsewhere?
  • Are there lots of other ebooks on this topic?
  • Can I write it myself, or do I need to hire a ghostwriter to write my ebook?

At Hired Gun, we offer professional, affordable ghostwriting services for ebook authors.

We create top-quality ebooks with fast turnaround times—so you can start making a profit sooner. Our ebooks are well-organized, reader-friendly and engaging. We write in your voice—not ours—so your ebook is uniquely yours.

          Contact us for more information on our ghostwriting and editing services for ebooks.

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