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Grant funding for nonprofits.

     As tough economic times continue, and donor support gets thinner, nonprofit organizations will need to aggressively pursue various sources of grant funding in order to stay afloat.

     Tough times also mean the competition for grant funding will be fiercer today than ever before. The competition may be stiff, but grant funding opportunities for nonprofits are still out there.

Sources of grant funding for nonprofit organizations.

         Main sources of grant funding for nonprofits include the government, corporations, and private foundations. These grantors will vary greatly in terms of the specificity, subject matter, amount of funding provided, and the desired scope of submitted proposals.
         In addition, it may be easier for some nonprofits to win grant funding in a recession than it is in a boom time. State and federal government agencies have increased their grant funding for nonprofits as a result of the economic stimulus bill. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides lots of new grant opportunities for nonprofits of all types. Be sure to perform a thorough search by going online to the government’s Web site for the recovery act.
         Searching for appropriate grant agencies: Finding the right nonprofit grant funding agencies to fund your grants can be a daunting and time-consuming task. An Internet search will pull up many Web sites where you can search for sources of grant funding online.
         When using online directories to find grant funders, these tips can save you time and effort:
  • Refine your search criteria before starting. Relevant criteria may include your key words, subject matter, target audience, geographic location, or other parameters that match your goals.

  • Identify the type of support your nonprofit is seeking: new program, general operation, etc.

  • Look for grant funders who have an interest in your specific subject matter, and who fund the type of grant support you are seeking.

  • Look for granting agencies in your geographic area.

Get to know your prospective grant agencies.

         After you’ve identified several promising sources of grant funding for your nonprofit, start doing your research. What are the grantor’s goals and objectives? How well do they match those of your nonprofit?
         Read all the information on the grantor’s Web site, including the types of grants they’ve funded in the past. Familiarize yourself with their grant guidelines and make sure you can supply all the information they request. Pay attention to deadline dates.
         Tailoring your grant for each grant funder: Do not send the same version of a grant proposal to multiple grant funders. Instead, target your grant to each agency so that it immediately captures the attention of that agency’s program officer, or whomever will be reviewing your grant. Craft custom cover letters that let the funder know you’re knowledgeable about their interests, and that your interests are a good match.
         Note that some sources of grant funding will request supplemental materials to be submitted with your grant proposal, while others will not. Government agencies, for example, often do not require that grant applications include a cover letter. Submit only—and all—the materials which are specifically requested by the grantor.

Hired Gun’s Grant Writing Services.

Personal attention, professional results.

      We know how confusing and frustrating the grant process can be, and that doing it properly means a lot of hours that you’re not out doing your work. But we also know how critical grant funding is for nonprofits. That’s why our experienced grant writers are proud to offer professional, affordable help for nonprofits throughout the entire granting process.

     When you hire Hired Gun to write your grant, you get:

  • Individual attention. Unlike big grant-writing agencies, with Hired Gun you get an experienced writer exclusively devoted to your case. We take the time to learn about your organization and what makes your mission special. We conduct extensive interviews with your key staff, members and volunteers so we can convey your group's enthusiasm.

  • Professional expertise. Writing winning grants takes practice. Hired Gun’s founder, Becky Antworth, is an award-winning writer and an experienced grant writer. She knows what granting agencies do—and do not—want to see in a grant proposal, and how to make your organization stand out in the stacks of competitors. Though we can’t guarantee our grants will get funded, we certainly believe our experience increases the chance that it will.

  • Complete, compelling, powerful grants. Our grants have a well-defined objectives and assessment measures. We incorporate historical data, illustrative charts and graphs and statistical analysis for comprehensive, competent grants that immediately capture the grantor’s attention.

  • A grant that’s done on time and on budget. You tell us when you want it, and we deliver the final draft for your review—on time and on budget. It’s that simple. If desired, we will also submit your grant and handle follow-up with the granting agency.

     We’ve written grants for submission to a variety of funding sources, including: The National Science Foundation, Cape Canaveral Air Force Base, The Wish You Well Foundation, SigmaXi Research Foundation, The Dana Foundation, The Russell Sage Foundation, The American Psychological Association, The Neuroscience Institute and The Ferst Foundation.

     Contact us for more information on our complete grant writing services for nonprofits of all kinds, including a free, no obligation estimate for your next grant.

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