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We know times are tough. Which means effective marketing is more important than ever. That’s why we're happy to offer our Recession Relief Special. If you've done business with us and refer someone else who uses our services, we'll give you 30% off your next project. So you can hold onto your marketplace advantage—even in a recession.

“We never thought hiring a writer would make so much difference. But after using Hired Gun’s direct mail piece the donations just started pouring in. We saw an unbelievable 600% return on our investment, and we’ll never go back to writing our own fundraising materials again.” Kristen Branch, Marketing Director, Safe Haven Animal Rescue

“Hired Gun’s writers are incredibly talented at pulling out exactly why a particular cause is special, and conveying that in a way that isn't just another generic plea for money. They really speak to the heart.” Alice Watkins, Founder, Bread-n-Bowl Ministries

What's the Secret to Fundraising Success?

It's all in what you say and how you say it.

         Congratulations! After years of dreaming, planning and careful organization, you finally formed your nonprofit organization.

         You established your board, you have a mission, you even have volunteers ready to get to work on your goals. You’re finally ready to make a real difference in people’s lives.

         There’s just one problem. You need support! Now!

         But how to get it? How to get it without blowing your bottom line? And how can you be heard about the chorus of things competing for people’s money?

         It's simple, really. Just give your potential supporters what they want—inspiring, effective stories and fundraising materials.

To raise support and keep your name in the public ear, your nonprofit will need quality writing.

         As a nonprofit, you keep your costs at a minimum. But to gain support and retain your donors, you’re going to need powerful, effective public relations and fundraising materials.

         Well-written, results-driven fundraising and marketing materials are the most effective, affordable and versatile way to raise support for you nonprofit.

         Successful, long-lasting nonprofits have learned that spending a little on quality marketing can generate a lot in return.

Your organization's written materials are its lifeline to critical support.

         How are new donors going to find you? How are current donors going to stay informed and engaged? Unless you can afford a battery of TV ads, they're going to learn about your group by reading about it.

         From direct mail, to your newsletter, to newspaper articles and the content on your Web site, your written materials will be the central medium through which you'll connect with the public and build your support base. That means it's critical they convey the message you want readers to hear.

         Your fundraising materials must:

  • Immediately capture your reader’s attention

  • Educate and inform

  • Make a connection with your audience
  • Answer their questions

  • Be clear and concise

  • Inspire your reader

  • Clearly call them to action

         What you say to your supporters defines who you are. If you lack the experience, skill and/or time to create the fundraising materials you need to raise support, let the experienced professionals Hired Gun Writing help. We'll make sure your message is clear and effective, and all for far less cost than you'd think.

Hired Gun Writing. Helping Nonprofits Raise Support and Reach Their Goals.

         At Hired Gun, our mission is to help nonprofits achieve their mission. Our professional writers specialize in creating strategic, inspiring, affordable fundraising and public relations materials for nonprofits of all kinds.

         We create custom:

  • Direct mail/Direct e-mail

  • Brochures

  • Newsletters/E-newsletters

  • Full-length feature articles (and help you place them with newspaper and/or magazine editors)

  • Success stories

  • Quality, optimized content for your Web site

Our quality articles and fundraising campaigns have helped many nonprofits like yours to gain the support they need for continued success. This is what we do! Let us do it for you, and see what a difference professional, affordable fundraising materials can make.

         Contact us for more information on how Hired Gun can help your group see greater support and greater success. Request a free estimate to see how affordable our services are, and get a 10% discount for new clients.

Stop wasting precious money on ineffective marketing!

         Quality content is the most effective, most affordable way to make a connection with your donors.

         Your written materials have the potential to inspire or alienate—to engage or bore—to make a lasting impression or be immediately forgotten. They can bring in substantial support for your mission, or can end up in the trash without being read. The question is: What are yours doing for your organization?

         Expertly crafted fundraising materials are as critical for nonprofits as nonprofits are for the world.

         Don’t let what you have to say get lost in how you’re saying it. Let Hired Gun Writing craft a custom fundraising campaign for your organization, and start seeing real results.

Why Hire Hired Gun?

         Simple. We offer the best service for the best price.

         We are personal, professional award-winning writers. We take the time to get to know your organization. And we write from the heart when speaking to your readers, because we genuinely care about seeing our clients succeed. That quality alone sets us apart from large agencies and other outfits.

  • We offer complete services for our nonprofit clients—which means less hassle and less cost.
  • We are cost-conscious, passionate and results-oriented.
  • We are attentive, accessible and engaged.
  • We are a small, close-knit company. You won’t find better personal attention—but we aren’t needy and don’t harass you with a million questions to which we should know the answers.
  • You won’t find better writers, or writers who are more committed to what they do.
  • We know that your success will help make the world a better place.

I can write pretty well. Do I really need to hire a professional writer?

         If you want professional results—yes.

         Effective fundraising is about writing to get results. It’s critical to the success of your mission, but takes practice and special skill.

         In-house staff often lack the time or resources to write marketable, readable fundraising and PR materials that can generate solid support.

         When you invest in a professional writer, you're bringing someone on board who knows how to create materials that get results.

         You also avoid paying for in-house employee costs. Outsourcing your writing means you’ll hire a writer on contract—for a set fee you establish up front. That means no salary, benefits or other employee costs. Just the service you need for a price you can afford.

         At Hired Gun, we know nonprofits need to keep expenses at a minimum. That’s why our fees are affordable for nonprofits of all sizes.

         Best of all, at Hired Gun our professional, award-winning writers create materials that get proven results.

         If your mission is a worthy one, isn’t it worth it to give it a fighting chance?

But we don't have enough money to spend on a writer...

         We hear this from almost every nonprofit we talk to—until they hire Hired Gun, see the results and never go back. If you don’t have the money to hire a writer, you don’t have the money not to hire a writer.

         Unless your organization is swamped with donations, and you are absolutely sure the supply is not going to dry up—you will need quality, effective fundraising campaigns, articles and information for your Web site.

         We know nonprofits struggle to keep their expenses low. But even for nonprofits, some things are worth the extra money. Fundraising is one of those things. And we wouldn’t be offering our services if we didn’t think they were valuable.

         Our costs are low and our services are top-notch. Take the next step and see what a difference quality marketing materials can make—so you can continue to make a difference in the world.

         Contact us for more information, or to request a free estimate for your next project.

         To read more about our complete writing, marketing and grant writing services, to see samples of our work, or read Hired Gun's tips for fundraising in a recession and other articles, please continue to our section for Nonprofit Organizations.



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