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Helping Nonprofits Succeed in the 21st Century

Complete Grant Writing, Fundraising, and Marketing Services for Small- to Medium-Sized Nonprofit Organizations

    As a nonprofit organization, you keep your expenses at a minimum. But to continue your mission, you need grant and donor support. Especially in today’s climate, that means you’re going to need some help getting heard above the chorus competing for people’s attention.

    Whether you’re a local group, or have multiple branches and a national presence, Hired Gun Writing can help you win grant funding, increase your donor support, and keep your mission alive.

    We understand the challenges nonprofit organizations face. And we know how to help you get maximum support.

  • Grant Writing. This year and next year's grant funds are now being allocated. Don’t let your top opportunities pass you by. Our certified grant professionals provide complete grant support with source research, writing, tracking, and management. We make sure your nonprofit stands out in the stacks of applications—so win the grant funding you need to carry out your mission.

  • Fundraising and Marketing. We write creative, compelling fundraising and marketing materials that engage your audience and call them to action.

  • Raise support via the Internet. Our engaging, search engine optimized online content attracts more visitors to your Web site, keeps current members engaged and enhances online donations. We’ll also help you build your next generation of supporters with social media marketing.

We specialize in serving small- to medium-sized nonprofits. Our services are affordable enough for groups just getting started—while being sought out by those with a national presence.

Our approach centers on long-term sustainability for your organization. That means not only helping you secure the support you need this year, but putting a system in place to generate a stable stream of income for the life of your organization. We also have special expertise for nonprofits involved in health and human services.

We invite you to call or contact us at any time to learn more about how Hired Gun can help take your organization to the next level.

How Hired Gun Helps Nonprofits Win Grants and Get More Support:

Grant Writing.

We offer complete grant management for nonprofits. That includes grant source research to find your top funding prospects, writing and submiting proposals, grant tracking, monitoring for new opportunities, and agency follow-up and progress reports. We also create custom Corporate Sponsorship Packages to win company/corporate support.

Fundraising and Marketing Materials (print and online).

We create custom brochures, newsletters/e-newsletters, direct mail/e-mail to capture readers and get them involved—today!

Full-length Feature Articles and Success Stories.

We help position your group before a mass audience and make your mission stand out with original, compelling articles you can use throughout your fundraising efforts.

Optimized Content for your Web Site.

Get fresh, original content to improve your Web presence, attract more traffic and turn your visitors into supporters.

See more on our Fundraising, Marketing and PR Services.

See more on our Grant Writing Services.

Please call or contact us for more information on our affordable copywriting and grant writing services for nonprofits, and learn how Hired Gun can help you reach your goals.

The articles below provide information and tips on fundraising, online fundraising and grant writing for nonprofits.

           General fundraising tips. Important fundraising tips for nonprofits, including tips for fundraising in a recession.

           Fundraising and marketing ideas. Some effective, but underused, nonprofit fundraising and marketing campaigns, including success stories, feature articles, newsletters, and direct mail/e-mail.

           Online fundraising. Online fundraising is exploding. Learn how your nonprofit can take advantage of the unique fundraising opportunities on the Internet.

           Hiring a professional grant writer. Should you hire a professional grant writer? Some things to consider before making your decision.

           Grant funding sources. An overview of grant funding sources for nonprofits, and Hired Gun's grant writing services.

           How to write a nonprofit grant proposal. Grant writing is one of the most important things you’ll do for your nonprofit. Read information and tips on writing each section of a grant proposal—including the executive summary, budget, and statement of need.

           Nonprofit grant writing mistakes and grant writing tips. Learn the grant writing mistakes that nonprofits commonly make—plus some tips on how to avoid them—before applying for your next grant.

           See samples of our work for nonprofits.

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