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           For a Professional Legal Group

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           For Professional Dermatology Offices

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           For a Health and Nutrition site

1. Excerpts: A Professional Legal Group

This firm specializes in fiancee and marriage visas.
Optimized for: K Visa, K1 Visa, K3 Visa, K Visa Application, Getting a K Visa, K Visa Attorney, Marriage Agency Scams

          Article: Marriage Agency Scams
          Try this. Do an Internet search for "marriage agency scams" and check out several of the top Web sites.
          These sites were specifically developed to warn others about the dangers of marriage scams and the role that marriage agencies can play. This is very important information, and anyone interested involved in international dating would be well served to read it well.
           There’s just one problem here. Most of these sites are scams.
          That's right — many sites specifically designed to warn men about the prevalence of foreign marriage scams are, in fact, scams themselves.
These scammers operate by gaining the confidence of readers by posing as one of the "good guys"—while directing the unsuspecting user to another site that is, drum-roll please, a scam!
          Welcome to the world of international intrigue and excitement that is, all too often, also the world of international dating.


          Too often, men enter the international dating scene aware of these potential marriage agency scams, but nonetheless think "it'll never happen to me."
          But think of it this way: You're ready to experience international dating. You are aware of the fake scams, so you pledge to yourself that you are going to be smart—that you'll be on the lookout for suspicious requests—and you'll have your defenses on high alert with maximum shields in place.
          Then you meet Svetlana, a stunning 25 year old from St. Petersburg. She speaks 3 languages, has a great education, and spends her time exercising, reading and taking care of her sister.
          Your defenses just lost 75% of their power.


          Home Page: KVisaAttorney.com understands the K Visa process.
          At KVisaAttorney.com, we charge a single flat fee to complete the entire K Visa process for our clients. This is just one example of how we’re different from our competitors.
          For example, consider the Change in Status Form we mentioned before. Every other visa firm that we are aware of charges an extra $150-$300 to file this form.
          They charge extra—even though the USCIS demands that this form is filed as part of the overall process. If it is not filed in a timely manner the foreign spouse will be sent back to the native country.
          It seems to us that the Change in Status form is a pretty important part of the process. It therefore seems unreasonable for the filing of this form not to be included in the overall visa service with no additional charge. That kind of "service" is like a hairdresser who charges extra for a hair wash—and then charges an additional fee to rinse out the soap.
          We aren't comfortable charging for these add-on fees, so we don't.

          Article: The K1 Interview
          The K1 interview is very important to the K1 Visa process. Many K Visas are terminated at this point, in which case the applicants must start the process over.
          Reasons for termination vary significantly, but one common reason is that the embassy official may not be comfortable with an answer given by the fianc?e.
          If this happens, your entire K1 Visa file is sent back to the USCIS in the U.S. for an "investigation". If this occurs, the minimum delay is six months (and the maximum delay is indefinite).
          All too often, couples underestimate the importance, and the difficulty, of these interviews. They are kind of like those old Love Connection Game Shows—only the stakes are much higher!
          The worst part of this process is that the immigration officials often do not want to take a stand and either grant the approval or issue a denial (for which you could appeal). Instead, they tend to shuffle cases between departments so nobody has to make a final decision.
          This is K1 Visa purgatory. And it has the stressful effect of leaving the K1 couple in limbo, completely unsure where they stand.
          Spending a year in this couples’ wasteland is bound to put considerable strain on any relationship. If your future together is important to you, don't risk it! Get a professional K Visa Attorney to handle your case.


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2. Excerpts: A medical association for the prevention of heart disease

Optimized for: heart disease, heart attack, coronary heart disease

          Heart Disease
          Heart disease is a highly familiar term to just about everyone living in the U.S. today. In fact, most Americans have a close family member or friend who died from a heart attack stemming from heart disease.
          But the term is also a broad one, and includes several more specific heart conditions. The most common heart condition in the U.S. is coronary heart disease, which can lead to heart attacks in addition to serious conditions.

          Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
          CHD is the most common type of heart disease. CHD occurs when plaque accumulates in the coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart muscle, and arteries become hardened and narrowed. This plaque buildup and narrowing and hardening of the arteries is called atherosclerosis.
          A person’s blood and oxygen supply to the heart can be reduced or even fully blocked by building plaque in the arteries. Plaques may also rupture and cause blood clots that block arteries.
          All these facts mean that CHD, when left untreated, commonly leads to a full-blown heart attack.


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3. Excerpts: Dermatology offices

Optimized for: acne, causes of acne, acne treatment, acne breakouts, pimples, dermatologist

           Article: You don't have to live with acne
          Have you ever woken up in the morning, and felt another sore spot on your cheek—and wanted to pull the covers over your head for the rest of the day? Maybe even the rest of the week?
          Millions of Americans are suffering from acne. It’s not just teenagers. Pimples and breakouts also affect millions of adults.
          Every day, acne sufferers try to treat breakouts with expensive creams and washes. They try strange diets and follow the bad advice of snake oil salesmen. They treat the surface symptoms of acne and hope the problem will go away.
          But unless you start treating the deep causes of acne, you probably won’t see clear skin anytime soon. Of the millions of people living with acne, you don’t have to be one of them.
          Today, dermatologists and medical researchers have developed effective acne treatments for all different skin types and types of acne. Once you and your dermatologist identify the type of acne you have, you can immediately start treatment and start seeing real, clinically proven results.
          There are better days ahead. It’s time to face your acne problems head-on.


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4. Excerpts: A LASIK surgery center

Optimized for: LASIK, LASIK surgery, vision correction, eye surgery, LASIK surgeon, eye surgeon

           Article: An Introduction to LASIK Surgery

          LASIK surgery is the most commonly performed type of vision correction surgery.
          For the procedure, a skilled LASIK surgeon typically uses a laser to make a small cut in a patient’s cornea. The cornea is then reshaped so the eye can better focus light onto the retina, thereby providing clearer vision.
          Though some patients may feel some initial squeamishness toward eye surgery, LASIK is rapidly attracting new patients. So why is LASIK so popular these days? And, if you are one of the millions of Americans with imperfect vision, should you continue to turn a blind eye to the procedure?
          For starter’s, LASIK eye surgery has advantages over other corrective vision procedures. LASIK patients experience a relative lack of pain during recovery, and most enjoy improved vision by the very next day. With today’s focus on instant gratification, such benefits are crystal clear.


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5. Excerpts: A health and nutrition site

Optimized for: emotional eating, how to stop emotional eating, weight gain, overeating

          Article: Stop feeding your feelings! Putting an end to emotional eating.
          We all use food to enhance certain occasions, like family gatherings, watching a movie, or going to a ballgame. These days, a wide variety of social events seem incomplete unless some sort of food is involved.
          That’s because food not only satisfies our hunger, but also has the potential to satisfy our feelings. Many people turn to food for emotional nourishment even when they’re not hungry.
vWhen you’re happy, you might dine on burgers or pizza. When you’re upset or sad, cake and chocolate might fill your plate. And when you’re tired or bored maybe you pull out the potato chips.
          This sort of eating is called “emotional eating.” Emotional eating is the consumption of comfort foods to satisfy your feelings when you’re aren’t actually hungry. And emotional eating is a leading cause of weight gain among Americans.
          So what are the telltale signs of emotional eating? Which foods are the most likely culprits? And how people conquer their emotional eating habits?


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