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"Hired Gun has taken our company into the future. They restructured our Web site and continue to supply us with original, optimized content. Our site traffic is greater than it’s ever been, and our business has increased significantly. " Diane Carter, Associate, Duncan Legal Group

Is your Web site doing all that it could be for your business?

The experts agree. Posting unique, readable, optimized content on your Web site is the best way to grow your Web presence organically and ensure an effecting visitor experience.

The internet is the best tool we have to reach a vast audience. And yet 90% of Web sites fail to be all that they could be.

If your site does not:

  1. Have a high ranking on search engine results pages

  2. Attract new visitors every day

  3. Contain quality content those visitors find interesting, and that compels them toward the desired response—then it’s not doing all that it should be doing for your business.

But there’s one simple way you can start making the most of your Web site. By filling it with original, engaging, optimized content. And that’s our specialty.

At Hired Gun, we bridge the gap between what readers want
and what search engines need.

Our team includes search engine optimization experts as well as professional Web copywriters. They work together to create highly effective content for your Web pages that will bring you proven results.

  • Improve your search engine rankings

  • Drive target traffic to your Web site

  • Give your visitors the information they’re looking for

  • Expand your Web presence organically—and cut down on costly pay per click ads and other expensive online marketing campaigns.

  Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, a
  nonprofit, or an orthodontist in Oakland—a
  Web site full of quality SEO copy can bring a
  huge return on your investment.


Hired Gun’s Web experts:

  • Guide you through structuring or re-structuring your site to prevent theme bleeding, and to make it visitor and search-engine friendly.

  • Perform keyword research for your site’s themes and sub-themes using commercial keyword research tools.

  • Write unique, compelling, search engine optimized copy.

You get improved search engine rankings, increased traffic, content that drives your desired reader response—a nd a site that does what it’s supposed to do.

Our services are top-notch, and our rates are extremely affordable.

When you’re serious about leveraging your biggest asset, contact us for a conversation that will change your Web site and your business for the better.

See samples of our Web copywriting.

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