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Search engine optimized white papers.

Attract target traffic and improve your Web presence.

   As sales and marketing moves away from print and onto the Web, more and more companies are posting their white papers online. But if your white papers aren’t search engine optimized, you’re wasting a great opportunity to attract targeted new customers and build your business.

Web optimized white papers:

  • Contain the keywords your customers are searching for.

  • Drive targeted traffic to your site.

  • Improve your search engine rankings organically.

  • Provide internal and external linking opportunities and boost your site’s legitimacy.

  • Expand your company’s Web presence.

  • Are just as thorough, informative and reader-friendly as traditional white papers.

What’s the difference between a Web optimized white paper and a traditional white paper?

Custom Web white papers combine classic white paper writing with organic search engine optimization strategies.

   In terms of general content and objectives, there’s little difference between a traditional white paper and one that’s been written specifically for use online.

   Web optimized white papers are equally informative, well-researched and engaging. The language is smooth and natural. And they persuasively position your company as a knowledge leader, thus building confidence and closing sales.

   However, only Web optimized white papers also include the relevant keywords, keyword phrases and expert lingo that are necessary to attract target traffic and improve your Web presence.

   Like other optimized online content, SEO white papers are written using proven Web copy techniques that organically improve your search engine rankings. So while optimized white papers are highly readable and results-driven, they have an added layer that also makes them effective online marketing aids.

How do SEO white papers work?

   SEO white papers contain the search terms that your potential customers are searching for, and the related terms that search engines know should appear in legitimate, expert articles. Therefore, when properly optimized, Web white papers don’t just take up space on your Web site. They help score high keyword rankings for relevant search terms.

   This can be done for both broad and specific keywords and phrases. Therefore, when properly optimized, a white paper may result in high search engine rankings for both the specific products and/or services highlighted therein, and also for the broad search terms for which you want your company to rank highly.

   And by posting optimized content on your site your rankings get improved organically, so you can cut down on pay per click campaigns and other expensive online marketing methods.

   When a Web user performs a search for the products and/or services your company offers, your white paper and your Web site appear high in the search engine results pages. That means you get:

  • More prospects reading your white paper

  • An improved Web presence for your company

  • And a highly competitive online marketing program.

Hired Gun’s unique SEO white paper writing services

   Hired Gun is a pioneer in providing Web optimized white papers and other marketing materials. Our team includes an innovative combination of SEO experts and experienced white paper writers. These members work together to create custom SEO white papers that get results from search engines and customers alike.

   First, we write your Web white paper just like we’d write any other traditional white paper. Then, we use industry keyword research and SEO tools to identify the terms your customers are searching for, and which should be included in your optimized white paper in a natural, free-flowing manner. We then link these keywords to relevant pages on your Web site. If you submit your white paper to an online directory, or post it elsewhere online, keywords also help build external links. This adds to the legitimacy of your site in the ‘eyes’ of search engines and builds your Web presence.

   Our innovative Web white papers bridge the gap between what readers want and search engines need. Hired Gun’s effective, optimized materials will put your company on the forefront of online marketing and increase your market share. Because if you don’t use optimized white papers, your competition will—if they aren’t already.

   For samples of our search engine optimized white papers, or for more information on our unique SEO white paper writing services, please contact us.

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