Healthcare Case Studies
Why use case studies in healthcare sales and marketing?

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How to use case studies in your healthcare b2b marketing materials.

   Case studies are one of the most versatile b2b marketing communications tools available. Your company can use case studies throughout the sales and marketing process in a variety of ways. In fact, it’s difficult to come up with a single marketing device that’ll give you more bang for your buck.

Ways your company can use case studies:

  • In all your sales and marketing materials

  • Integrated into presentations and proposals

  • For sales calls and expos

  • Publish case studies online. On your own Web site, with easy links to your product/services pages; on partners’, investors’ and customers’ sites; submit them to online directories. (At Hired Gun, we offer search engine optimized case studies to attract the right traffic and improve your company’s search engine ranking.)

  • As an article in key trade publications, bylined by a company executive/employee
  • As a query for a full-length article in trade pubs

  • In your company newsletter. If you send out a regular newsletter or e-newsletter to clients, prospects and/or investors, feature a customer story in each issue.

  • In direct mail/ direct e-mail campaigns to prospects or investors.

   If your company offers multiple products or services, you can have a case study that features each one. Present your prospects with precisely what they’re looking for, and you’ll let them know your company can meet their specific needs. As your sales reps will tell you—it’s a powerful tool.

   As a key area of our business writing expertise, Hired Gun case studies hit the mark every time, and give you the most effective, lowest cost means of advancing your marketplace advantage.

   Contact us today for more information on our case study services, or to request a free estimate for your project.

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