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"Hired Gun has taken our company into the future. They restructured our Web site and continue to supply us with original, optimized content. Our site traffic is greater than it’s ever been, and our business has increased significantly." Diane Carter, Associate, Duncan Law Group

"The SEO experts at Hired Gun have been invaluable is helping us grow our Web presence. The whole team made it so easy to put original content on our site. They just interviewed our staff and took it from there. I had no idea how important quality content was for getting traffic and new customers before working with Hired Gun." Mark Gibbs, Senior Director, PJA Systems

How to Increase Your Web Traffic and Grow Your Business.

Hint: It's not as complicated as the 'SEO Gurus' want you to think.

          Millions of people are on the Internet right now—ready to buy your products, use your service, and read your content. But can they find your Web site? And do they stick around if they do?

          Enter Search Engine Optimization. The term strikes fear into the hearts of mortals. How to get traffic, how to keep traffic, how to monitor traffic... And, most of all, how to get on the first page of Google—where the traffic you want is searching for sites to visit.

          You can’t hide. Without a high search engine ranking, your site will be buried in the annals of the Internet. It will be lost. It might as well not exist. High search engine rankings—getting on the first pages of Google—will make or break your Web site and your Web business.

          The "Web Gurus" know this. Enter the highly profitable pay-per-click scheme.

          Google is making loads of money selling ad space on it’s prime pages. Which means many, many Web site owners are losing loads of money paying to be there.

          We say: Stop paying for costly pay-per-click ads!

          The "Web Gurus" want to make the optimization process very complicated. That way, you'll pay them thousands of dollars to cloak your links and insert robot text into your code and all sorts of other things no normal person can understand, but that Google will eventually outsmart.

          But there's one, simple way to get good Google rankings, and enjoy cheaper Adwords costs.

          We say: Give Google what it wants and forget all the expensive tricks.

          And what does Google want? Simple. Google wants original, quality contetn—written for humans by humans. And at Hired Gun Writing, that’s our specialty.

Quality Content is the Most Affordable, Most Reliable Way to Get the Web Results You Want.

          The experts agree: Unique, readable, optimized content is the only way to:

  1. Strengthen your Web presence organicallyEnsure an effecting visitor experience.

          This is no secret. And yet most Web site owners do everything they possibly can to avoid having to write pages and pages of optimized content. Why? Because it's time-consuming, harder than it sounds, and requires commercial keyword research tools.

          That’s where Hired Gun Writing comes in.

          At Hired Gun, we bridge the gap between what readers want and what search engines need. We write original, optimized, engaging content quickly and effectively—and for far cheaper than any fancy optimization tricks.

There are tons of content writers out there. What's so special about Hired Gun?

          Yes, there are tons of content writers out there. And if you've done much reading online, you know that most of them write articles that no human finds interesting.

          The vast majority of online content writers simply recycle other online articles until the final product is deemed "original" by anti-plagiarism software. They alter the sentence order and insert synonyms. Articles turn out choppy and incoherent, or just plain boring and uninformative. In short, articles add nothing to your site but words—words that no one wants to read.

          If that's what you're after, Hired Gun isn't for you. Hired Gun Writing is for a different kind of content for discerning Web sites. Our team includes search engine optimization experts and professional Web copywriters, who together to create highly effective content for your Web pages that will bring you proven results.

          We do our own factual research on your subject matter and write genuinely original, interesting articles that add value to your site and drive the desired visitor response. We use industry keyword research tools to identify your key search terms. We incorporate these into your content in a natural, highly-readable way.

          With both award-winning writers and SEO experts, we know how to make the most of quality content—the Google-friendly way. Best of all, our services are top-notch and our rates are extremely affordable.

          Contact us at any time to see what sets Hired Gun Writing apart, and how we can help set you apart with high-quality, SEO content.

          With Hired Gun's content, you'll see:

  • Better organic search engine rankings, more visitors, visitors that stay on your site longer, and a better quality score for cheaper Adwords.

At Hired Gun, our formula is simple. We write great content.

          Hired Gun's content is designed to:

  • Improve your search engine rankings

  • Drive target traffic to your Web site

  • Give your visitors the information they’re looking for

  • Spur your readers to action

  • Expand your Web presence organically—and cut your costs for pay per click ads and other expensive online marketing campaigns.

          Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, a nonprofit, or an orthodontist in Oakland, a Web site full of quality SEO copy can bring a huge return on your investment.

Hired Gun Writes Quality Content And Optimizes Web Sites With Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Silo Structuring.

          Unlike other content writers, the Hired Gun team also includes professional SEO experts. In addition to creating original, content-rich pages, we take the time to improve the overall structure of your Web site and your Web pages for even greater optimization. Again, these aren't fancy tricks. These improvements are about using your quality content to your greatest advantage.

          Hired Gun’s Web experts:

  • Guide you through structuring or re-structuring your site to prevent theme bleeding, and to make it visitor and search-engine friendly.
  • Perform keyword research for your site’s themes and sub-themes using top industry tools, including WordTracker, NicheBot, SiteBuilderPro, Speed PPC, and Campaign Coach.
  • Write unique, compelling, search engine optimized copy.

  • You get:
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Increased traffic
  • Content that drives your desired reader response
  • A site that does what it’s supposed to do

What Hired Gun Does NOT Do...

          At Hired Gun, we do not write filler content sprinkled with keywords that no actual reader would actually read. There are plenty of other content writers for that. We write content that your visitors will enjoy reading—content that both attracts and engages your audience—content that gets results.

          After all, what good is it to get traffic if visitors don’t use your service, buy your products or spend time on your site?

          Contact us today to learn how Hired Gun can help you make the most of your Web site, get real results, and get high Google rankings for the long-haul. to see how affordable our services are, and get a 10% discount for new clients.

The Internet is the best tool available to reach a vast audience and build a successful business.

          And yet 90% of all sites fail to do this effectively.

          Remember, if your site does not:

  1. Have a high ranking on search engine results pages
  2. Attract new visitors every day
  3. Contain content those visitors find interesting, useful, and that compels them toward the desired response—
  4. —then it’s not doing all that it should be doing for your business.

          You can pay for fancy optimization tricks—which Google will eventually outsmart.

          You can pay for expensive ad space on Google.

          Or you can give Google what it wants and fill your site with quality content. This is cheaper, more effective and long-lasting.

          Contact us for more information on our professional SEO and Web copywriting services, or to request a free estimate.

          Click here to read articles from Hired Gun on Search Engine Optimization, SEO copywriting, and how to improve your search engine rankings.

          Because there’s one simple way you can start making the most of your Web site. By filling it with original, engaging, optimized content.

          When you’re serious about leveraging your biggest asset and expanding your Web presence, contact us for a conversation that will change your Web site and your business for the better.


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