Healthcare Case Studies
What is a case study?

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What is a case study?

B2b communications tool for sales and marketing success.

   A case study is basically a customer testimonial for your company’s products and services. It’s a highly-readable, roughly two-page account of one of your customer’s positive experiences with your company’s products and/or services. Healthcare case studies highlight products and services that are being marketed to the healthcare industry.

   Case studies may also be called customer success stories. They are used in a company’s business-to-business (b2b) marketing efforts to highlight specific products and services, to generate leads and close sales. For example, a healthcare data solutions company might publish a case study featuring a hospital which chose to use their company’s services—and how satisfied the hospital was with the result.

   Case studies include direct quotes from customers, first-hand details about the customer’s challenges and needs, why they chose your company, how your products or services helped solve their problems, and the benefits they’ve incurred from using your company, including specific return-on-investment information.

   Case studies make an extremely versatile b2b marketing tool. When done correctly, they capture the most effective aspects of your customers’ experiences and tell a narrative story your prospects will want to read.

   Effective case studies are potent, powerful, and engaging. They help create confidence in your company, and compel your customers to act.

Use case studies to:

  • Introduce new products or services

  • Showcase a new or niche use for existing products or services

  • Highlight a specific feature or add-on product

  • Show how a well-known company successfully uses your products or services

  • Let prospects know you care about your customers’ successes

Case study writing.

   Before writing a case study, you or the person you hire must perform preliminary market research. That includes identifying the target audience, as well as your company’s marketing objectives and collateral. Writers then interview those customers who’ll be featured in the case study.

   These interviewers ask targeted, strategic questions to elicit effecting details that illuminate the unique benefits of your services, and that prospects will find compelling. Case study writers also conduct in-depth interviews with key company executives, and sales and marketing personnel.

   At Hired Gun, our professional writers are uniquely qualified to create quality healthcare case studies that get proven results.

   If you plan to publish your case studies online, Hired Gun offers innovative search engine optimized case studies for Internet sales and marketing. Web optimized case studies are just as informative, engaging and reader-friendly—but also contain the keywords and keyword phrases your customers are searching for to drive target traffic to your site and improve your search engine rankings.

   Contact us for more information on our custom case studies for the healthcare industry, or to request a free estimate for your next case study.

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