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What is a white paper?

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What is a white paper? What is white paper copywriting?

   A white paper is a business-to-business marketing communications tool that is intended to educate and inform, rather than just make a sales pitch. More specifically, white papers are multi-page documents put out by a particular company that explain how their products or services offer solutions to industry problems.

   White papers may include significant background research on industry trends, current market research, charts and figures, in-depth analysis of an industry problem, and a detailed breakdown if how a company’s products or services provide an industry solution.

   For example, if a biotech company developed a new method for DNA analysis, they’d want to publish a white paper explaining the problems associated with other methods of DNA analysis—and how their new method solves these problems. Or, a healthcare data systems company could put out a white paper to inform readers how a particular IT solution helps to save lives, time, and/or dollars.

White papers for b2b marketing.

Use white papers to:
  • Introduce innovations and products.
  • Expound upon the benefits, features and implications of a product or service.
  • Tell a captivating story.
  • Address the needs of your readers—and offer your unique industry solutions.
  • Establish your company as a knowledge leader in your industry.
  • Help key executives make informed decisions about which vendors to work with.
  • Help buyers decide which products and services best meet their needs.

In short, white papers offer far more than lead generation. They showcase why your company is the right company to work with, for the right reasons.

What is white paper copywriting?

Comprehensive white paper copywriting includes the research and writing of a full-length white paper. While writing a white paper may be fairly easy—effective white paper writing takes time, technique, and special skill. Most companies who are serious about sales and marketing will hire a professional white paper copywriter.

White paper writing involves:

  • Research. Always incorporate market and industry research and analysis to educate and inform your readers.
  • Compelling copy. Effective white papers must engage your audience with memorable titles and easy to read, interesting copy.
  • Graphics and visuals. Quality white papers incorporate illustrative figures, tables and attractive headers and footers to go with your logo.
  • Extensive subject matter reviews.
  • Professional white paper formatting—including table of contents and indices.
  • Search engine optimized copy, when white papers will be published online.
  • A clear explanation of complex topics. White paper writing must be clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Hired Gun white paper writing.

   Hired Gun Writing offers professional, custom white papers at affordable rates. You give us the topic and we handle the rest. Our experiences white paper writers research your industry, the product or service you want to highlight, and your competition before crafting a comprehensive white paper for your company. We offer quick turn-around times, exceptional attention to detail—and zero hassle.

   We specialize in custom white papers for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. These niche markets need niche writers to properly convey the benefits of their services. Hired Gun founder Becky Antworth has completed PhD level coursework in biological sciences. She has authored several scientific articles, and is well versed in the unique services of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industries.

   For samples of our white papers for the healthcare industry, or for more information on our healthcare white paper writing, please contact us.

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