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Writing Professional White Papers That Get Professional Results

Thinking of using white papers for your company’s sales and marketing?

          You’ve made the first right decision.

          White papers are one of the most powerful sales and marketing tools available.

          Companies that use white papers to market their products and/or services enjoy:

  • Increased sales

  • Increased lead generation

  • Increased customer trust and confidence in their company

  • A competitive marketplace advantage

  • Industry respect as the knowledge leader

  • Significant return on investment

  • And the most valuable asset there is—Clients who know their company isn’t just focused on sales for sales’ sake

          But now comes the hard part—writing a white paper that actually lives up to its potential. Just ask anyone who’s tried it. White paper writing is time consuming and difficult.

          In order for your white paper to be successful, it must strike the perfect balance between editorial and sales copy—between being educational and engaging. A white paper must be informative and useful—without being boring. And it must be persuasive, engaging and sell your company—without sounding self-serving.

          The number one reason white papers fail is because they fail to strike the right balance and end up losing the reader. If you need to make sales, you need to hire a professional white paper writer who knows how get the right results.

White papers say too much about your company to risk saying it wrong.

          Writing a white paper isn't like writing other b2b marketing communicatins. A white paper requires in-depth research, accurate and concise reporting, use of historical and/or statistical data, and persuasive, engaging, subtle writing.

          At Hired Gun Writing, we uniquely positioned to create well-researched, strategic, powerful white papers for maximum ROI. We aren’t marketing drop-outs and we don’t make cookie-cutter sales pitches. We are award-winning writers and experienced researchers who know how to speak to your target market. We take our work seriously, and we take the power of writing for business seriously. We write to compel, and we write to sell.

Hired Gun's Complete White Paper Writing Services.

          At Hired Gun Writing, we understand what goes into creating a successful white paper. And we take the time to do it right.

          If your company specializes in the healthcare industry, you'll need a white paper writer who knows the unique demands of your industry. At Hired Gun, we specialize in creating custom white papers for pharmaceutical, biotech, and other companies that market their products and services to the healthcare industry.

          Hired Gun Writing is a pioneer in offering Web-optimized white papers. These do everything a traditional white paper does, but when you post them on your Web site they don't just take up space. Optimized white papers actually bring clients to you. They attract target traffic, improve your search engine rankings and expand your Web presence.

          Contact us for more information on our custom white paper writing services, including our unique healthcare and search engine optimized white papers.

Hired Gun Writing’s Professional White Paper Writers:>

  • Know how to write persuasively

  • Make your case in a subtle manner

  • Have the necessary skill and practice

  • Have critical research experience

  • Generate interest in your company

  • Generate more leads

  • Get a big return on your investment

  • That means, when you call in the Hired Guns, you get:
  • Award-winning writers who write persuasively about your company, without making you sound self-serving

  • A clear, intelligent discussion of industry problems that fosters a connection with your reader

  • A persuasive, informative discussion of your company's solution to industry problems

  • Well-researched facts and data

  • Revealing charts and figures

  • Writers who intelligently position you at the cutting edge of industry practice

  • White papers that highlight your proven knowledge leadership and generate leads

  • Complete, thoughtful, compelling white papers—with clear calls to action

          While other writers lack the skill to create comprehensive, compelling white papers— and may deliver a costly, and yet ineffective, product—we write straight to your target audience and clearly call them to action.

          Contact us today to learn how Hired Gun can create a white paper for your company that will open doors and bring you success.

Who reads white papers, and why is it so hard to write one that’s effective?

          White papers are read by company decision-makers, including buyers and key executives. These individuals don’t have time to read through a rambling, imprecise, poorly-researched and painfully-written white paper. And they’re not interested in straight sales copy.

          Decision-makers want someone who understands their problem, and they want an answer to it—quickly. That means that your white paper must immediately capture their attention, identify their problem, and then subtly, thoughtfully convince them your products and/or services are the answer they've been searching for.

          If your in-house staff lack the skill to strike this balance and keep your reader engaged, your white paper will get tossed aside. The decision-maker will then look to another company for their business. Was that company's white paper written by a professional white paper writer? Since yours is sitting in the trash, you better hope not.

Professional white paper writers bring professional results.

          White paper writing is persuasive writing. But it’s persuasive writing done in such a skillful way the reader doesn’t know they’re being persuaded. The reader sees a white paper that presents an informative, factual, unbiased account of a common industry problem—followed by intelligent advice on how to solve that problem.

          So when the reader gets to the end of an effective white paper, they walk away with a feeling of supreme confidence in that company. With one white paper, you can make a great impression and a lasting connection with clients. You identify with their problem, are knowledgeable and insightful, and generously share your knowledge by presenting an informed, well-reseasoned, clear and intelligent solution.

          At Hired Gun, our white paper formula is both simple and complex. We compile useful, factual information that your customers are looking for—and weave it into a compelling, persuasive, subtle case for your company.

          Request a free estimate for your next white paper, and get a 10% discount for new clients.

Specializing in White Papers for Healthcare.

          Companies in the healthcare industry are seeing the benefits of using white papers to generate leads and close sales, including:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Makers of medical devices
  • Biotech companies
  • Research labs
  • Companies that market their products and services to the healthcare industry

          Establishing knowledge leadership is more important in healthcare than anywhere else. And white papers showcase your knowledge leadership better than any other marketing tool.

          Because healthcare is highly specialized, these companies will benefit from hiring a writer who specializes in healthcare.

"Finally—white paper writers who know the healthcare industry."

          Would you let a computer programmer remove your appendix? Then don’t hire a tech or traditional business writer to create your healthcare white papers.

          At Hired Gun, we are healthcare specialists. We know your industry, your audience, and your competition. We know to write about health, science and medicine.

          That means when you hire Hired Gun to create your healthcare white papers you:

  • Spend less time filling us in on all the details of your industry
  • Get the benefit of industry experience
  • Get the benefit of our health and science background
  • Get a more effective, more powerful white paper that speaks straight to your target audience.

          Don’t let a tech writer mess up your operations.

          Call in the Hired Guns and see what a difference a specialist can make.

Contact us today to start seeing:

  • More sales
  • Improved lead generation
  • A leading industry reputation
  • A lasting competitive advantage
  • Maximum ROI

          Request a free, no-obligation estimate for your next white paper, including healthcare and search engine optimized white papers.

          To read more about Hired Gun's white paper writing services, or to read articles about white paper writing and marketing, please continue to our section on White Papers.

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