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White papers for the healthcare industry

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White papers for the healthcare industry.

   While the technology industry has long used white papers as a primary b2b marketing tool, the benefits of using white papers in the healthcare industry are becoming more established every year.

   Indeed, the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries (including companies that market their products and services to these industries) are increasingly using white papers in their b2b marketing efforts and seeing proven results and a great return on investment.

   One reason white papers work so well in these industries is that healthcare marketing often needs a soft sell, using a data-driven, results-oriented approach. This is true whether you’re a healthcare provider, or a company that markets its products and/or services to the healthcare industry. Your readers want to know that you’re not focused on sales for sales' sake. They want to know you stand behind your products and services for the right reasons: Because you’ve tested them, and they work. Indeed, throughout the healthcare industry, the stakes are extremely high if products or services fail. Expertise and credibility heavily influence buyer decisions.

   Therefore, white papers are a great way to establish your credibility among others in the healthcare industry. In this highly-competitive, rapidly evolving field, white papers help position you as a knowledge leader and solidify your place on the cutting edge of industry research.

   Writing for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries often takes a special touch. The first thing a successful healthcare white paper must do is establish a connection with the reader. Your white paper must quickly identify an industry problem or concern faced by your target audience—and then lead them to the solution without coming across as self-serving. Doing this effectively will require some writing savvy and industry knowledge. If your in-house staff lack the time or resources to write your healthcare white papers and you choose to outsource to a white paper writer, be sure they have experience writing for the healthcare industry.

Healthcare white papers.

White papers for health and science:
  • Showcase new health and technology innovations.

  • Convey meaningful, objective data to educate your audience.

  • Use illustrative figures and graphs

  • Detail specific examples of how your solution is effective

  • Tell a compelling story to capture the reader—and then spur them to act.

  • Place you at the forefront of industry research, and show that you’re confident and kind enough to share your knowledge.

  • Create trust and confidence.

   Several online sources publish white papers from pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and others in the healthcare industry. If your business has a white paper to submit, doing so places your products and services directly in front of the people who need them most. Always remember to use Web optimized white papers for your online marketing efforts so that customers will be able to find them on the Web.

White papers for different areas of the healthcare industry.

  • White papers for pharmaceutical companies: Showcase new therapies and technologies; highlight your commitment to elevating industry standards.

  • White papers for biotechnology: Market your services directly to your target audience, and issue a call to action.

  • White papers for companies that target the healthcare industry: Establish your company as a knowledge leader. Address the industry problems your customers are experiencing, and provide the solutions they are searching for.

  • White papers for hospitals and other healthcare providers: Educate, inform, and engage your readers, while creating trust and confidence.

Hired Gun—The healthcare white paper writers.

   At Hired Gun Writing, we specialize in writing custom white papers for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Our experience writing for these markets means we approach your project with solid background knowledge of your industry, your target audience and your competition. You spend less time filling us in and we get to work faster. We make your company stand out as a valued industry asset—and tell your customers why it’s the company they want to do business with.

   For samples of our white papers for the healthcare industry, or for more information on our healthcare white paper writing, please contact us.

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