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Using white papers in b2b marketing

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Using white papers in b2b marketing.

   Using white papers in b2b marketing can bring a substantial return on investment for companies.

   White papers make incredibly versatile b2b marketing tools. In addition to showcasing the benefits of your company’s products and services, effective b2b white papers highlight your industry expertise and make a strong statement that you’re not focused on sales for sales' sake. They establish your company as a knowledge leader in your industry. And they position you on the cutting edge of industry research, clearly showing that you’re confident and generous enough to share your expertise.

   In the healthcare, pharma and biotech industries, b2b marketing often requires a soft-sell, using a data-driven, results-oriented approach. For this, white papers are perfect, perhaps the best way to establish industry credibility with your audience.

   Since white papers are b2b marketing tools, companies often include white papers along with the other sales and marketing materials they send out to prospective clients.

   But this is by no means the only way to get your white paper read.

In addition to using white papers in your b2b sales force materials:

  • Use white papers in your company’s online content. Posting white papers on your Web site is an effective way to get them seen by a lot of potential clients. When using white papers online, optimization is key. White papers that have been properly optimized for your relevant search terms will attract more targeted traffic, generate more leads and improve your search engine rankings. Also make sure your white papers have a catchy title and engaging copy to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Submit white papers to online resources. Again, make sure your white papers are properly optimized in order to attract your target audience! For healthcare white papers, some online directories include PharmaVOICE, FDANews, Pharmaceutical-Technology, and others. At Hired Gun, we help you submit your healthcare white papers to these and other sources.

  • Distribute white papers at conferences and customer meetings.

  • Hand out white papers at industry sales expos.

  • Include excerpts from your b2b white papers in powerpoint presentations.

  • Send them to clients and prospects in response to inquiries.

   At Hired Gun Writing, our custom white papers are thoughtful and results-oriented. To keep your company competitive online, Hired Gun also offers unique Web optimized white papers. Our SEO experts and writers work together to create these innovative Search Engine Optimized White Papers so you get more mileage and better results.

   For samples of our white papers for the healthcare industry, our custom Web optimized white papers, or for more information on our white paper writing services, please contact us.

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