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Why choose Hired Gun to write your case studies?

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Why choose Hired Gun to write your healthcare case studies?

Case studies make potent b2b marketing communications. But given all the research, interviewing and writing that’s involved, creating case studies for your company can be time-consuming.

In addition, even great writers often struggle to master the unique skill set necessary to produce an effective, marketable case study.

Outsourcing to a professional business writer can save your company time, money and unnecessary hassle. And the result is a custom case study that’s more likely to be well received by your customers, investors and key trade publication editors—thus netting you even more exposure.

Finding the right writer, though, can be a challenge.

At Hired Gun, we are uniquely qualified to write quality case studies for your b2b sales and marketing efforts.

Professional , experienced business writers ask the right interview questions, get testimonials that hit the bull’s eye, weave in illustrations of the precise benefits of your products and services including return on investment, and craft a comprehensive, compelling story your company will be eager to market.

Looking to expand your online sales and marketing efforts? Our SEO experts work with our professional copywriters to create custom, search engine optimized case studies.

Hired Gun’s Special Skills:

  • Healthcare experience. We specialize in writing for the healthcare markets.

        Healthcare is a highly specialized industry with many market niches, where companies face fierce competition and a rapidly changing industry. Case studies for healthcare sales and marketing require the special touch and special knowledge that Hired Gun uniquely provides.

        So if your company markets its services to the healthcare industry, you’re going to want a healthcare specialist to make you stand out from the competition—someone who’s an expert in industry trends, demands and trade publications.

        At Hired Gun we capture the most relevant details of your products and services to establish trust and set you apart. Customers see you as the perfect solution to their problems. Investors and editors see you as knowledge leaders in your industry.

  • Journalism experience. Many trade publications are hungry for well-written, journalism-style case studies—those supported by facts, photos, illustrations and meaningful quotes from clients and company executives.

        Our writers include award-winning journalists with experience covering healthcare issues. We not only know the industry—we know how to strike the right balance between editorial and sales copy.

        Hired Gun case studies speak to clients and trade pub editors alike. They are strategically structured to 1) generate sales and 2) secure publication in key trade journals.

  • Internet marketing experts. SEO marketing experts are an integral part of the Hired Gun team. We are pioneers in offering innovative Web optimized case studies, written specifically for internet marketing.

        Publish them on your company Web site; on investor, partner, and customer Web sites; and submit them to online directories to attract target traffic and improve your search engine rankings.

Hired Gun Writing's Special Case Study Services:

  • We outline your sales and marketing objectives and your marketing collateral
  • Identify your target audience and/or niche market
  • Conduct extensive phone interviews with key sales and marketing execs
  • Help you select the best customer to profile, and guide you through the process of securing their permission to cut down on lost time.
  • Interview your customer contacts using strategic questions to elicit detailed, comprehensive information about their experience and results—including exact return-on-investment results.
  • Work with a graphic designer (either in-house or external), or offer design suggestions if desired
  • Deliver stories to our company contact for in-house review
  • Help secure final customer approval
  • Use industry keyword research and SEO tools to create professional, Web optimized case studies

Contact us for more information on our custom healthcare case studies, or for a free estimate on your next case study.

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