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Why hire a professional business writer?

   Times are tough. And you or your staff are good-enough writers. So why pay to hire a professional business writer? Simple. Because times are tough and ‘good-enough’ writing isn’t good enough.

   Weak writing can cost you time and money. Outsourcing your writing projects to experienced, focused professionals can save you both, and give you a competitive advantage with powerful, highly-marketable content.

   At Hired Gun Writing, our sole objective is to deliver effective, cost-conscious communications that help you connect with your audience, reach your goals, and build your business. When you’re ready to leverage what can be your best, most affordable marketing asset, call or email us for a conversation that will change your business for the better.

Top reasons to hire a professional business writer:

  • You lack the in-house resources to handle all your writing needs. And you’re serious about seeing your organization succeed. We all know the value of seeing a specialist. At Hired Gun, we are writing and marketing specialists. Our experts are passionate about creating quality communications that do what they’re supposed to—capture the reader, create a connection, convey the benefits of your organization, and call your audience to action. Our internal corporate documents are clear and effective. Our Web and marketing materials get proven results.

  • You don’t have time to worry about which words are the right words. We do. And we love it. Our copywriting is engaging, easy to read, and strategically structured to spur your audience to action. We write to compel. And we write to sell.

  • You’d rather focus on your vision than the intricacies of Internet marketing and social media. Twitter. Search Engine Optimization. FaceBook. SEO content. Email marketing. You know these technologies are important for your organization. But implementing them yourself takes valuable time away from your clients—while outsourcing is effective and affordable.

  • You need a strong online presence. On the Web, “content is king.” And if you want Web users to be able to find your site, you’re going to need pages with unique, optimized content. At Hired Gun, our SEO experts and professional Web writers work together to bridge the gap between what readers want and search engines need. We create original, search engine optimized articles for your Web site, using proper language and structure, to attract your target traffic, capture their attention, and improve your rankings with search engines like Google.

  • You need help with fundraising. Nonprofits with few funds have little to spare—especially these days. But money spent on quality literature and marketing materials can generate more in contributions than it costs. At Hired Gun, we help nonprofits get their message out, inspire readers, and forge long-term relationships with donors.

  • You have a grant to write. And no idea how to make it stand out in the stacks. Grant funding is too important to leave to chance. Hired Gun’s experienced grant writers know what granting agencies are looking for—and how to inspire their support for your valuable work.

  • You need a ghostwriter. But without the ghastly ego. A good professional ghostwriter writes in their client’s style, not their own—the way you would do it if you had the time. At Hired Gun, we are versatile and respectful of your vision. We are experienced with health, medical and scientific topics. And if you need a light, humorous approach—that’s our specialty.

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