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Limited Healthcare Case Study Samples

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Case Study Sample #1

The client: ClearScope Solutions

Their product: IT Relay Board (ITRB), contact management software

Their customer: Courier Information Services, the IT division of Brothers of Mount Zion Health Services

ClearScope Solutions—A Case Study

Medical Center improves help desk services without adding staff: Call abandon rates drop; agents process more calls

Efficient help desk services promote productivity in any industry. But in the healthcare industry, the help desk is a lifeline for physicians and other staff. Effective responses are critical for a hospital’s general operation and management—and support quality, timely patient care.

At Brothers of Mount Zion Health Services, Inc. in Utah and Nevada, this means handling 9,000 calls a month from 25,000 end users.

“Each customer we assist is tending to a patient, or helping someone else who's tending to a patient” said Sharon Silver, director of the IT division at Brothers of Mount Zion Health Services, Courier Information Services. “That means that our top priority is to resolve each call as quickly as possible so our customers can do what they need to do.”

In this busy, high-pressure industry, help desk callers range from patient care providers to support staff to administrators and executives. Callers’ needs range from straightforward password resets to navigating errors in retrieving critical patient information.

While other IT centers may have the option of hiring more help desk attendants to meet the demands of rising call volumes—Courier Information Services, a nonprofit, must meet their customers’ needs without increasing staff.

DCT Software integrates flawlessly with speech recognition.

To increase their service capacity without increasing employees, Courier Information Services implemented DCT service and support from ClearScope Solutions. In addition, the IT organization had gradually enhanced its automation with DCT, and lightened the load on call analysts by incorporating DCT Self Help and DCT Info Plus. But Courier had yet to improve its results on service-level agreement, or SLA, metrics, meaning they still needed to increase the number of calls a single dispatcher could manage.

“Our goal was to shorten calls any way we could, but without sacrificing the quality of our service,” Silver said. “We wanted to cut call durations so our current staff could handle more calls, more effectively. It was a tough order. In the end, we decided we needed to increase our technology.”

Courier started investigating integrated voice systems. Their search soon led them to ClearScope’s IT Relay Board (ITRB)—contact management software that works seamlessly with DCT. ITRB not only offered unbeatable functionality, but, “The cost was simply unbeatable,” Silver said. “We were amazed.”

Courier Information then opted to use ClearScope’s Professional Services Organization to integrate ITRB and build the base system. When they completed the process in less than seven weeks, and launched the system in a single day, the staff at Courier was pleasantly surprised.

“I can’t think of an instance in which something’s gone out in less time than we expected,” said Silver.

Handling calls with more brains than brawn.

The broad functionality of ITRB enhanced customer service at Courier and measurably boosted call handling efficiency.

Callers now enter their unique employee ID numbers when they call the help desk, thus triggering a DCT screen-pop containing their vital information. The feature works even if employees access the system from different units, so the help analyst always knows the caller’s exact location.

Integration with the department’s asset tracking capabilities gives analysts the caller’s work station asset tag information. Before, analysts took up to a minute to collect a caller’s asset tag numbers. Now, integration with asset tracking technology and immediate identification of the caller, their location and work station, has shorted call times and enhanced efficiency.

ITRB plays “forced first announcement” messages, so callers in a widespread problem area automatically hear the announcement when they call. Physicians and top administrators now spend less time on hold and more time serving their patients, due to the system’s ability to recognize high-priority ID numbers. By telling callers their wait times, the new technology has also reduced Courier’s call abandon rates overall.

Cutting call times, exceeding expectations

After only 90 days with ITRB, Courier Information Services has seen measurable improvements in customer service performance. First, analysts now spend less time assembling caller information and more time attending to callers needs, thanks to ITRB’s asset tracking. This feature alone has dropped average call times from 7.8 minutes to 5.6 minutes—and surpassed Courier’s initial goal.

Shorter call times also enables analysts to answer incoming calls faster. Call answer times are down to 5 seconds. And while, before ITRB, it was common to have four to six calls in waiting, today callers almost always reach an analyst immediately.

“What we are most impressed with is the abandon rate,” said Silver. In just a short time, call abandon rates went from 10-20 percent down to 5-6 percent. “We’re simply not dropping callers,” she said, “and that has had such a positive effect on all our staff.”

As for Courier’s ultimate goal, Silver feels ITRB’s call handling technology has increased the number of calls each analyst can handle by as much as 30 percent. “With shorter call durations, our help staff can resolve more problems in a single shift,” Silver said. “Call times decreased by almost one-third, and as we continue to enhance our abilities with additional ClearScope technology we expect even greater improvements. Now that we can handle bigger call volumes with our current level of staffing, and, most importantly, help our customers do their jobs.”


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Case Study Sample #2

The client: ClearScope Solutions

Their product: StopLoss Software and Automatic Connections (Web site integration system to obtain and manage patient data online)

Their customer: Cosmetic Specialists Medical Center

ClearScope Solutions—A Case Study

Cosmetic Specialists remakes image with StopLoss Software and Web site integration

Dr. Joshua Jiles is in search of a fresh, new image for Cosmetic Specialists Medical Center in Miami, his cosmetic surgery center. In addition to his surgical specialty, Dr. Jiles practices innovative marketing and top-level customer service—two areas of medical practice that have quickly evolved in the age of the Internet.

“Not that long ago, a new patient’s first interaction with a professional’s office happened over the phone. Now they go online, and their first impression comes from what they find on your Web site,” Dr. Jiles said. “It’s a major change for medicine, and it means a site must be user-friendly, have useful content and address patient needs.”

Using these insights, Dr. Jiles’s center has developed an informative, content-rich Web site. Online, current and potential patients easily browse over 100 pages of unique content to learn about everything from common cosmetic procedures to results and risk factors.

Indeed, educating patients, providing top-tier care and fostering an enjoyable patient experience have built the center’s reputation and enabled its success. But as crucial as these aspects of his practice may be, Dr. Jiles understands the value of behind-the-scenes technology for monitoring client activity, analyzing results and overseeing his patients’ progress.

Therefore, to position the center for success in an increasingly Web-based world, Cosmetic Specialists looked to ClearScope Solutions’ custom StopLoss Software Systems. “We went with Stoploss because the cosmetic surgery business is based on building positive patient relationships,” Dr. Jiles said. “StopLoss provided the base of easy RMI integration with Windows NSQ technology.”

Capturing Web data with StopLoss

ClearScope seamlessly integrated the StopLoss system with the center’s Web site for an immediate increase in functionality.

Now, when visitors fill out an online inquiry request, the information is imported into StopLoss for follow-up by the center’s staff. Patients can also securly submit their registration forms—thereby removing the need for first-visit paperwork. Patient information and other important are stored in the NSQ system using StopLoss’s Web Import capabilities. Center staff can easily access and print patient data using StopLoss’s direct connection to standard word-processing software so that during the client’s visit all they have to do is review and sign their printed records. The online registration process has been well-received by clients and center staff, as the later is now able to attend to people more than paperwork.

Cosmetic Specialists also closely monitors the activities of visitors on its Web site, including which pages get the most traffic, and the external sites from which that traffic is coming. Stoploss/NSQ has enhanced these tracking efforts by allowing the center to oversee each phase of the patient process, from first contact to first appointment to treatment and recovery.

Using StopLoss, the staff also manage all scheduling, e-mail correspondence and history of correspondence with patients using StopLoss, and ClearScope partner, Automatic Connections, further tailored the system to input certain patient progress goals, like scheduling an evaluation, into the system. This enables center staff to easily obtain a patient’s status, in addition to supporting accurate upkeep of records.

Enhanced patient service, enhanced productivity with automated processes

Several automated processes in StopLoss have allowed the center to improve customer service and boost office productivity.

For one, the StopLoss system automatically emails birthday cards to patients, and reminds of upcoming appointments with an automated phone call and e-mail. This has decreased the number of missed appointments and increased staff productivity.

StopLoss’s customized reporting further helps staff manage appointments with a modified calendar report, effectively eliminating double booking and other costly errors.

Finally, Automatic Connections developed several customized data-tracking systems to help the center measure their results. Using Microsoft RMI capabilities, Dr. Jiles can evaluate his employees and establish goals for the center.

Visible results

The center’s considerable efforts have netted a significant return. Over the past four years, Cosmetic Specialists has grown by 200 percent—three times the average for cosmetic surgery centers. The center’s Web site has set the bar in the industry. And Dr. Jiles regards StopLoss and Automatic Connections as “crucial” to the successful accomplishment of his mission.

Through a cohesive effort with the center's staff and the StopLoss and Automatic Connections systems, Cosmetic Specialists continues to offer excellent patient service in a caring and well-coordinated atmosphere, thereby establishing their knowledge leadership and fostering close client relationships.


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