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Limited Samples of Ad Copy, Ghostwriting and other Copywriting

     We routinely collaborate with graphic designers to create brochures, ads and other materials complete with logos and graphics. Here we present only the text, versus bulky PDFs, for ease of viewing.

     Please contact us for additional samples, including those more closely aligned with your project needs, or for more information on our professional ghostwriting and copywriting services.

          Ad Copy: A National Eatery

          Ad Copy/Brochure: Animal Shelter

          Direct Mail: Fitness Center

          Direct Mail: Landscaping and Lawn Care Supply

          Ghostwriting: Nonfiction, Psychology

          Ghostwriting: Nonfiction, Politics

          Ghostwriting: Memoir

          Ghostwriting: Ebook

          Ghostwriting: Fiction

1. Ad Copy

The Client: Maddison (a national eatery)

          Where in the world do you want to eat tonight?

          The Pacific Rim? Or perhaps the heart of Tuscany?
          How about the Greek Isles? Or maybe the coast of New England?
          Whatever cuisine your heart desires, you’re sure to find it at any one of Maddison’s restaurants, cafes or bistros. Visit our website at www.eat.maddison.us.net or call 1-800-738-8738 to receive a complete listing of dining options, and come taste the world.

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2. Ad Copy/ Brochure

The Client: Safe Haven Animal Rescue

          Headline/body copy:
          Got guilt?

          [Here: A picture of a man with milk mustache, his hand deep in a cookie jar, and a guilty/surprised look on his face.]

          Adopt a dog.

          Or, if your infraction is minimal … or you just want to stay ahead of the game … we also take donations.

          Visit Safe Haven today, Brevard’s only No Kill animal shelter.

          Is your soul mate waiting?

          Call 800/555-HOME to schedule a visit.

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3. Direct Mail: Fitness Center

The Client:West Fitness Center

          [Front headline/body copy]
          Been wishing you had more energy?

          Wishing you felt better? Looked better? Were in better shape?

          How’s all that wishing been working out for you?

          It’s time to stop wishing and start doing. But you don’t have to do it alone.

          [Reverse side headline/body copy]
          At West Fitness Center, we’re not gonna lie to you. There are plenty of fad diets and gimmicks if that’s what you’re after.

          ‘Working out’ and staying healthy takes work. (If it was as easy as ‘Get Skinny Quick With No Diets and No Exercise’ wouldn’t everybody be ripped?)

          But we’ve been doing this a long time. We know what works. And we know how to get the most out of what you put in.

          “The trainers there really helped me along when I started to get lazy. If it weren’t for them I probably would have quit after a month, like with other gyms. And I definitely wouldn’t have lost 15 lbs and have so much more energy.” -Sharon Brebee, West Fitness member

          But I can’t afford to join a gym right now. Health care costs more than ever, but with our Spring Specials membership at Fit For Life is less than a dollar a day. We know your health is worth more than that.

          I don’t have time to go to the gym. Yes, our time on Earth is precious. So why risk shortening it?

          I don’t know what routine to do. This is where our 20 years of experience comes into play. On your first visit, our trainers will evaluate your unique fitness needs. They’ll design a plan specially-tailored to give you the best results. Then, they’ll help you put it into action.

          It’s time to be honest. A lifetime of excuses is a lifetime of choosing not to be your best.

          Whether you’re a full-time resident, or this is your second home, you can only push your health aside for so long. Don’t wait until it’s front and center before you try to do something about it.

          Stop wishing. Call West Fitness today and start doing.

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4. Direct Mail: Landscaper and Lawn Care Supply Store

The Client: Creative Landscapers

          [Front/body copy]
          It’s springtime in North Georgia!

          But is your yard still stuck in the dead of winter?

          We can bring it to life and make it green again.
          And all for a lot less green than you might think.

          [Reverse side body copy]
          At Creative Landscapers, we know money doesn’t grow on trees.

          Other landscapers make lots of fancy promises, but leave you with a result you don’t want and a bill you can’t afford.

          At Creative Landscapers, we listen to our customers. We create outdoor spaces that are as elaborate—or as elegantly simple—as you want. We cultivate every one of your hard-earned dollars, and grow them into something you can enjoy season after season.

          Don’t know a zinnia from an azalea? Don’t worry. We do. And we know which one will work better in your space.

          Want to wow guests with a waterfall and walkways dripping with blossoms? We won’t disappoint. What we deliver is anything but garden-variety.

          Or—just want something you can enjoy without a lot of fuss? Some basic clean-up and springtime sprucing?

          You won’t find a more affordable, harder-working team this side of the Mason-Dixon.

          Creative Landscapers. Creating more green … for less green.

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5. Ghostwriting, Nonfiction, Psychology

Excerpt: Nonfiction work on the effects of modern day media on human thought and behavior.

          …With every new media advance comes some suggestion it will be the downfall of society, the harbinger of an intellectual apocalypse that people have been prophesying since papyrus replaced inflammable stone tablets.
          TV and video games are rotting the minds of our youth. The Internet is destroying the brains of adults.
          True, we use the Internet as a tool. True that without it some tasks seem downright impossible. How, for example, would one find a hotel room in Chicago? Or the ingredients in a samosa? Or the best route during rush-hour traffic?
          But if there’s anything to take from cognitive psychology, it’s that tool-use is the hallmark of intelligence. Encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, even phone books all employ brute force, while the Internet is the epitome of ease and efficienciency.
          For example, if I want to know the average rainfall in Madagascar I can find out in less time than it takes to type the answer (about 100 mm). Also on the page is a picture of one of those long-limbed lemurs, the silky sifaka. Doesn’t the Duke Primate Center house some of those? A quick jaunt to their page can tell me in a second. There I see Duke has released a study on a new blood thinner. I wonder how Dennis Quaid’s twins are doing, after their accidental overdose of the blood-thinner Heparin. I do a quick search on their status. It sure seems like a lot of celebrities have twins ... The query pulls up 15,900 hits in .28 seconds. I wonder what the incidence is in non-celebrities? And what of the cases of twins, separated at birth, who both become podiatrists and drive yellow hatchbacks and marry history teachers named Marcy — and speaking of history, I wonder what started the Franco-Prussian War — and where exactly is Prussia — and what’s the average rainfall there?
          Hmm. Before I know it an hour is gone and I’ve retained next to nothing. Maybe the Internet is making me stupider. (Is stupider even a word?) Or maybe, though it leaves innate intelligence relatively untouched, it's wrecking my ability to focus.
          Online, I bounce around from story to story, opting for the short ones and skimming anything over a page. Even offline I can’t seem to concentrate like I used to— can’t sit and read for long periods without getting distracted.
          It seems that for all it’s given us, the Web has also caught us in its sticky spool and is slowly sapping its captives' attention spans.
          How can the Internet exert such powerful effects on attention? How can the human brain be so easily broken down?
          In fact the Internet's influence is possible because of the way our brains are designed. The Internet appeals to some basic mental processes, and then it exploits these processes, hooking the user in the process. Oddly enough (or perhaps not odd at all), the same neural machinery that helps us function efficiently in the natural world backfires in the cyber world.
          For example, the Internet takes advantage of our ability to rapidly take in large amounts of information. Imagine entering a room you’ve never been in before. What do you do? Do you pore over the details of the fabric on the couch before moving on to the next item, and then the next? Or do you quickly glance around the room, scanning it all before zeroing in on any one thing? If you’re normal you do the latter. Instinct demands we take in as much general information about our surroundings as possible—as quickly as possible—in order to ensure there's nothing dangerous or urgent. Only after scanning it all do we devote deeper attention to any one object.
          In the cyber-world, however, we never get to the stage where we can devote deeper attention. Every page of the Internet is like a new room, and there are more of them than we could ever hope to scan. Not only that, but each page contains portals to hundreds of other pages, spurring the user into a frenzy of exploration. For example, the home page of the Wall Street Journal—whose Web site is actually one of the quietest--displayed 73 headlines on a random day—interspersed among data feeds, scoreboards, streaming headlines, photo slideshows, 29 section options, Podcasts, videos, ads, and 18 links promising more, more, more.
          No wonder it’s hard to focus.


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6. Ghostwriting, Nonfiction, Politics

Excerpt: Nonfiction work on illegal immigration in the U.S.

          … To enter the world of immigration legislation is to enter an Escher painting.
          Paradoxical laws intersect, intervene, and split off from one another. Just when one seems to be going somewhere promising, an opposing law rises up and blocks its path. It is a twisted mess of multidimensional contradictions. Trying to untangle it risks a serious case of vertigo.
          But here goes:
          After 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) launched its E-Verify system, a free federal database that any employer can access to verify an employee’s legal status. The program checks I-9 information against the Social Security Administration and DHS databases. It is 96 percent successful at spotting fake SS numbers, and results are usually back within 24 hours.
          In addition, the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements, or SAVE, program allows federal, state, and local agencies to check applicants’ immigration status for the purpose of ensuring only eligible persons receive public benefits, like Social Security or welfare.
          But E-verify and SAVE are, with few exceptions, voluntary. And despite efforts to drum up excitement, few private industries have been stepping up to volunteer.
          “If you check one (employee using E-Verify), you have to check them all,” said a Human Resources rep at a nearby factory which chooses not to use the database. “And then you have to pay somebody to do all the checking.”
          Federal law prohibits all employers – big or small, public or private – from knowingly hiring illegal aliens. But the word “knowingly” provides a loophole in which employers can knowingly or unknowingly hide. Unless an employer falls under a separate law that requires the use of E-Verify, they’re not required to knowingly know – or at least not in a way that illegals haven’t cracked.
          From construction companies, to plants and factories, to stores and restaurants, most employers are only required to fill out I-9 forms for employees, using a driver’s license and SS card, or work authorization papers.
          And, in an irony that epitomizes immigration’s convoluted bureaucracy – while illegals present forged paperwork (drawn up with the precision of Picasso painting a cube), and while most employers aren’t required to use E-Verify – they are required to accept employees’ documents as genuine, lest they violate antidiscrimination laws.


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7. Ghostwriting, A Memoir

Excerpt: A memoir

          I can still see the buildings standing there, all in a row, the drops of mist catching the morning light and forming little balls of color that hang suspended in the haze like a school of jellyfish, until they grow full and heavy with sun and float gracefully down, waiting for their turn to rise again. It gives the whole scene that fuzzy, fairytale look.
          For the first year that one there was mine, second from the end, with the hole in the baseboard by the door. There were 12 of us that slept there. Six on each side. Our feet all against the wall, our heads down the length of the hallway so the beam of light from the Master’s room fell on our faces and they could watch for reflections in open eyes. Even now I can lie in bed without wrinkling my eyelids, my chest moving smoothly up and down in the rhythm of perfect sleep.
          But after a year they moved me to Challoner, and a different light cast by the moon brought a new wakefulness … In my Father’s house.
          Some days I forget it completely. I forget the greyness of it all. The smell of iodine and dust, the tiny hole at the foot of the mattress stretched a little larger every night by the digging of my toe. I forget the click of the door when the moonbeam reached its height.
          But some days I wash outside, unable to face the white tile of the bathroom. Some days the memories pound and tear at the walls of my mind, the barriers I have so painfully and carefully constructed. But the past needs only a crack. It slips in, like water in rock, and expands until the dam has crumbled and been swept into the surge, freeing the flow to submerge the fragile world below.


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8. Ghostwriting, An Ebook

Excerpt: Ebook on international dating—What to expect and what to watch out for.

           Chapter: How to Avoid Marriage Scams
          Try this. Do an Internet search for "marriage agency scams" and check out several of the top Web sites.
          These sites were specifically developed to warn others about the dangers of marriage scams. This is very important information, and anyone interested in finding a foreign bride would be well served to read it well.
           There’s just one problem here. Most of these sites are scams.
          That's right — many sites specifically designed to warn men about the prevalence of foreign marriage scams are, in fact, scams themselves.
          These scammers operate by gaining the confidence of readers by posing as one of the "good guys"—while directing the unsuspecting user to another site that is, drum-roll please, a scam!
          Welcome the world of international intrigue and excitement that is, all too often, also the world of international dating.
          Don't get us wrong, there have been thousands upon thousands of legitimate marriages made possible by honest foreign marriage services. But you have to be careful.
          Many men seeking a foreign bride are blinded by their own hopes and dreams. This fact alone makes them vulnerable to love fraud. Then, throw in the fact that many of the women they’ll be meeting over the internet are beautiful, intelligent and "vulnerable" themselves—and too often the man's testosterone kicks into chivalrous over-drive.
          She begins to make him see himself as an amorous knight in shining armor. He’ll rescue her, and by doing so, rescue himself.
          This is textbook stuff.
          And we aren't making fun of the men who've fallen victim to this sort of fraud. Far from it. We know that for the most part, men are helpless to this sort of con game. It's hardwired into a man's genes and there's not much he can do about it. Unfortunately, the hucksters and scam sites know this as well and they prey upon men who fall for The Damsel in Distress Scam.
          Too often, men go into the international dating scene aware of these potential scams, but nonetheless think "it'll never happen to me."
          But think of it this way: You're ready to experience international dating. You are aware of the fake scams, so you pledge to yourself that you are going to be smart—that you'll be on the lookout for suspicious requests—and you'll have your defenses on high alert with maximum shields in place.
          Then you meet Svetlana, a stunning 25 year old from St. Petersburg. She speaks 3 languages, has a great education, and spends her time exercising, reading and taking care of her sister.
          Your defenses just lost 75% of their power. You know this, but you justify lowering your guard because her profile is just so innocent, so sweet, and besides, "I really should give people a chance."
          You further justify your actions by telling yourself that if you don't show her any trust, you'll never get to know her. After all, you came to this agency to get to know people, right? And the agency promised you its screening process was top-notch, besides.
          So everything is going splendidly! You've made a real connection here! This is the girl of your dreams! You look forward to her next email with the greatest of anticipation. Making a love connection with such a beautiful, intelligent and kind woman—a woman who shares your values for love and family—is an overwhelming rush!
          And then it stops.
          You send her more emails.
          And nothing.
          Finally, after the week that seemed like a year, you get an email from Svetlana apologizing profusely. Her sister had a bad week and needed more medical care. Unfortunately, all the money she used for the dating agency now needs to go for her sister's care.
          You know where this is going.
          She could never ask you for money, but of course she won't be able to use the agency’s services—which of course includes the Internet.
          Now, in this scenario you know better. You know full well the whole thing is a bit suspicious. But you also know she has not been interested in your money and that she's put too much effort into this relationship for a mere $50.00/month for the agency. You do a quick calculation in your head: $50 a month (until you see her) for the chance to meet and possibly marry the beautiful 25 year old with the perfect body and traditional values.
          The choice is easy. "Do you want the money by wire or check?" you ask.
          Once money is a part of your relationship it becomes much easier for her to ask you for more. Plus, at this point, you're pot committed. You've already sunk $750 into agency fees (and maybe a heating bill). Are you really going to jeopardize everything because she needs a measly $250 for a much needed car repair?
          So. Want to avoid falling victim to a marriage/dating hoax?
          The answer is simple: Don't send her money.
          No respectable woman from any country is going to ask for money in this manner. If you don't believe us, try asking another woman from her culture. We’re quite sure she'll confirm this fact.
          If you do get a request, spend some time perusing the other profiles. You'll see there are a lot of beautiful, sweet women out there, many of whom honestly just want to meet a good man and who are not in it for the money. Why not give them a chance instead?
          There is no reason to go through the international dating process as a na?ve fool. Don't let the fraudsters get the best of you. Even if you say "No" to an honest request from a women, if she’s the right girl for you, she’ll understand why. She’ll know you’re nobody's fool and that this attribute will benefit both of you — along with your future children.
          We spoke earlier about a universal condition that affects all men: Falling for the Damsel in Distress. Again, it’s completely natural for men to want to help the woman they are courting. But remember—women understand this trait in men. A woman who will make a good partner will never play on your emotions in such a calculating manner.
          The right woman knows she should never try to take advantage by arousing your sympathies and your chivalrous nature. A respectable woman would never try to exploit you this way. A woman who is honest with her intentions and actions does not want your money or your pity. She only wants you. And she would never risk losing you for a car repair or agency fee.
          Please understand, we are not encouraging you to be paranoid or distrustful. There is no need for such strong, negative emotions when conducting your international marriage search.
          What we are saying, instead, is to be aware of the fact that some people are dishonest and will try take advantage of you. If you think that you must grant a woman’s every request in order to have a relationship with her you’re not only naive, but weak as well. This type of behavior only feeds on itself. It will rear its ugly head with the next woman you meet and act as a natural repellent. Don't make this mistake.
          If you already caught in this trap, and are about to get married or are considering a K1 or K3 Visa, you might consider politely telling your fianc?e "No" the next time she asks for money. At some point in the future, you do expect to say "No" to a money request, don't you? Who knows, maybe she'll ask during a bad month and you honestly won't have the funds. Times are tough, right? So why not just try giving, "No, I'm sorry. Money's a little tight right now" a test drive. Better to see how she performs before the marriage than after.
          Remember, thousands of men have met their foreign wives on the Internet, and thousands of couples are still happily married. Meeting the woman of your dreams in this way can work.
          But also remember: This is about love, not money, and love is not always easy. Indeed, just as there are no real "get rich quick" schemes, there are even fewer "get love quick" schemes.
          Don't be a fool for instant gratification in love. Relax and be patient. You will be rewarded.


           The K1 Visa Application Process
          … It’s important to remember that almost 50% of all visa petitions are denied on the basis of a mistake in the filing.
          Even if there are no mistakes in your application, your visa could easily be denied if your supporting documentation is weak—especially given that the strength of your case will be subjectively decided by the immigration official handling your case.
          If there is a mistake in your application, or if your supporting proof is deemed inadequate, your file will be placed in Administrative Review by the U.S. Embassy. If this happens, a decision on your case can be delayed for unknown months! And keep in mind the ruling could still be a denial after all those months.
          If the K1 Visa petition is approved, do not think the approval of your K1 Visa is assured. In fact, this could not be farther from the truth. That’s because now is when the U.S. Consulate takes over.
          At this point in the process, the fianc?e must submit a series of requirements, have a clean background check and medical exam and conduct an interview.


          The K1 Interview
          The K1 interview is very important to the K1 Visa process! Many K Visas are terminated at this point, in which case the applicants must start the process over.
          Reasons for termination vary significantly, but one common reason is that the embassy official may not be comfortable with an answer given by the fianc?e.
          If this happens, your entire K1 Visa file is sent back to the USCIS in the U.S. for an "investigation." If this occurs, the minimum delay is six months (and the maximum delay is indefinite).
          All too often, couples underestimate the importance, and the difficulty, of these interviews. They are kind of like those old Love Connection Game Shows—only the stakes are much higher!
          The worst part of this process is that the immigration officials often do not want to take a stand and either grant the approval or issue a denial (for which you could appeal). Instead, they tend to shuffle cases between departments so nobody has to make a final decision.
          This is K1 Visa purgatory. And it has the stressful effect of leaving the K1 couple in limbo, completely unsure where they stand.
          Spending a year in this couples’ wasteland is bound to put considerable strain on any relationship. If your future together is important to you, don't risk it! Get a professional to handle your case.


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9. Ghostwriting, Fiction

Excerpt: Fiction.

          It was supposed to be one of those dreary fall days. When the water and the sky are just different shades of gray and the cold soaks through you with the wet of the air. When you hunch your shoulders and huddle into yourself and let your thoughts sink as low as the clouds overhead.
          But the sun came out. The sky turned clear and bright. The lake is dancing and shimmering just to spite me.
          I push off the dock and start up the motor. Grady grew up on this lake. That's her, asleep in the bow. I didn’t grow up on it, but I know this lake like the back of my hand – which is to say I must constantly check for the cracks and changes that time brings about. Which is to say that if I really start looking, I find I don’t know it well at all.
          Today the cataracts of comfort are gone and I’m looking at it all with a special scrutiny. I’m out here today to shoot my dog.


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